50 Ways to take Care of Yourself

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1- REST when you feel tired 2- CRY when you feel sad and you Need It 3- LEARN to say NO 4- PLAY with Your Favorite Toy 5- ENJOY on a carousel … the Ponies !! 6- EAT Healthy …It Leer más

YOGA: “The Art of LIFE”

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Yoga is MORE, This ancient discipline that comes from East, places us as the “Student Life” learning every day about not easy Art of ”Good Living”. In the Western culture, the Human has always identified with his body and mind, forgetting his  Inner Self and Leer más

Godfather and Be Happy!!

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GODFATHER !! Sponsorship can be a great tool to help improve this crazy world. “is not SPONSORED  more happy that SPONSORS” Initially Sponsorship formula is best known in the field of many NGOs with the aim of helping children born Leer más

Educacional Garden and Farm

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A Healthy and Educational option for our children. Instead of leave our children in the “Child Minding” and Children Recreation Center to enjoy the energy, today we propose proliferation of Educational Garden and Farm in the Cities. How glad we Leer más

I don’t need Help at Home…Thanks!

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I feel a little tired of hearing the same story … if the house is both, that man every time “Help” more at home, if you learn to “Delegate” …. STOP !! Oh my God! Expressions Sentencing and we continue Leer más