My Legacy


No doubt that our Grandmothers today are very different grandmothers of the past and that leads us to think that the Grandmothers of the Future will also be different from now .

From BWT want to make a Start value of the Grandmothers of the World, “SOURCE OF WISDOM” , we want all that power , that learning forged over the years and in short, all that experience and do not miss …

Invite them to share with the world their  “KNOW HOW” the Conclusions of a LIFETIME and leave the greater legacy for present and future generations.

mi legado:arbol de la vida

Grandmother today is a woman with lots of ” SPIRITUAL STRENGTH” you have and should have an important role in the growth and development of the World in general. The most recent studies show that aging is not incompatible with the happiness and fulfillment of the individual, but on the contrary , it is full of great wealth and wisdom stage.

In fact it has been shown through the “Curve of Happiness” , that from 50 to 70 and re- live a time of great happiness and fulfillment.
When we refer to the term Grandmothers generally we cover all women of ” a certain age ” with or without offspring.

<<So we invite you to become rich and enjoy the most of this stage and share with other generations , for your contribution can be of great importance in order to build together a Better World>>




Shared a video of the WHO (World Health Organization ) very interesting, hope you like it :