YOGA: “The Art of LIFE”

Yoga is MORE,

This ancient discipline that comes from East, places us as the “Student Life” learning every day about not easy Art of ”Good Living”.

In the Western culture, the Human has always identified with his body and mind, forgetting his  Inner Self and Spiritual part.

Capitalism and Western Rationalism are the social expression that expresses this identification with the Body-Mind, ultimately bringing Material, Matter.

Matter is what prevails over all things and everything is focused on satisfying the material over the spiritual.

Take care of your body and mind; but from the material: buying the best clothes, the best food, traveling, …. ultimately consuming to try to fulfill our DESIRES, our side more material, changing and ephemeral … which leads us to constant dissatisfaction.

The YOGA comes to focus in this volatile and Western illogical world. The YOGA claim our spiritual side, our true essence, putting it in the central axis of the Individual, and using the body and mind to reach the highest state and the true self. The release of the Material and the joy of life, in capital letters.



In the West there is still much ignorance about the science of yoga. In fact most people who are interested in yoga do so from a point of view quite material, looking for the care of your body and calm your “crazy mind.” Ultimately seeking some peace in their lives, while reducing belly, care for your back, greater flexibility, make a “sweet” sport, being younger, … etc.

But it can at Material …. and certainly remains that “something else” …

Unknowingly comes to Connect with your inner self … something suddenly happens inside your life begins to change subtly in one direction sometimes unexpected. And you begin to enjoy the pleasure of “art of living”. Seeking the wisdom and happiness in everything around him, watching his interior and exterior with the look of a child, discovering the wonder of this world both good and bad, taking every moment to grow.

From that moment you say to yourself “I AM A STUDENT LIFE “and your goal … learn the” art of living “.

BWT Network

Encarni Rondán

Barruntar el Tiempo ya tiene explicación Científica

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Godfather and Be Happy!!


Sponsorship can be a great tool to help improve this crazy world.

“is not SPONSORED  more happy that SPONSORS”

Initially Sponsorship formula is best known in the field of many NGOs with the aim of helping children born in countries with fewer resources. It’s to pay a fee, usually monthly, and with that money NGOs develop fieldwork helping to Sustainable Development and Education disadvantaged families, focusing mainly on Children Community.


We present 10 ideas found in the Web:

  1. Sponsor a OLIVE TREE. Live the experience of being a producer of your own Extra Virgin Olive Oil during the time you want … “from the countryside to your home” www.apadrinaunolivo.orgolivo_arbololivo_arbol
  2. Sponsor a CHERRY of JERTE. Select a Cerezo of Finca Valley Parks and timely information development have your cherry and you can even participate and enjoy the highlights as flowering to harvesting. and
  3. Sponsor a HIVE. Take the best honey and pollen to you … the most natural and healthy. and
  4. Sponsor SCIENCE to contribute  to the advancement of Research and Innovation. ( and
  5. Sponsor a Iberian PIG. For lovers of Iberian pork you can sponsor one and participate in its development and growth … and finally you can enjoy excellent products … whenever you eat it in little pain is not clear; (( and
  6. Sponsor a ORCHARD or a HEN. We love this proposal, you can enjoy with your family in an urban garden where agricultural practice your skills and grow your own vegetables and fruits. And if not sponsor a chicken and make sure intake Fresh Eggs and free and happy chickens. ( or
  7. Sponsor one Sheep, Goat or Cow and have milk and milk products with full warranty. (
  8. Sponsor an Apple tree.Cuidados-del-manzano-que-debes-saber-2-1024x683
  9. Sponsor a ORCHARD ( or
  10. Sponsor a GUY. And that if we did not expect it … and you can sponsor a boy … OMG far’ll get !!! (

And you … are you ready to Godfather?

BWT Network

50 Ways to take Care of Yourself

1- REST when you feel tired

2- CRY when you feel sad and you Need It

3- LEARN to say NO

4- PLAY with Your Favorite Toy

5- ENJOY on a carousel … the Ponies !!

6- EAT Healthy …It not has to be boring

7- WALK …Alone or in the company of someone who really appreciate

8- Wash and CARE of your teeth

9- PLAY with your favorite friend.

10- HUG a Teddy

11- Tell you nice and POSITIVE things every day

12- Learn to SPEAK of our emotions and express them

13-TAKE a relaxing bath … maybe with music, candles, salts …. 14- ALLOW yourself to be angry and express your displeasure and disagreement with certain things 15- LISTEN to the Birds … NATURE 16- READ a Book 17- Surround yourself with Color and Light 18- As EIR can … and especially self 19- EATINGFUL… just enough … For when you know you’re full and nourished. 20- SPEAK and comunicate with others, choosing people who know at least listen. 21- MEET new people. 22- DO Exercise … MOVE !! Movement is Life! 23- Listen to the Rain 24- Be HONEST with yourself and others 25- If you need HELP … Ask for it 26- PLAY with Water 27- WEAR your Favorite Clothing … to wait … to Mass on Sundays;) 28- LOOK the Stars pa … look up !! 29- SEEDING some plant 30- GO countryside or garden and pick some flowers 31- Rub Back and unhurried BATHING 32- Paint and draw with chalk street 33- Learn to Listen to Your Body 34- PLAY, CREATE…Build 35- MAKE something else … Help !! 36- LISTEN to the Music … good !! 37- Paint a picture … but you draw like a child! That it is … 38- Riding A Tent 39- ALWAYS learn something new 40- TURN OFF TV …No More Noise please !! 41- Listen to Your Inner Silence … It has much to tell … 42- Take a NAP … those that Baba falls !! 43- HUGS to the first opportunity you have and show your feelings. 44- Spend the majority of your time with the person or people who let you be yourself. 45- Curl up and cuddle date under a sheet or blanket. 46- Do not EXPECT anything…Jus Live! 47- Make Bubbles 48- SING a Song every day 49- Do not Take yourself Too Seriously 50- Say THANKS to everybody… it is the “Highborne be GRATEFUL” Red BWT


Is a Branch of Ecological Design, Ecological Engineering, and Environmental Design that Develops Sustainable Architecture and Self-maintained agricultural systems modeled from Natural Ecosystems.

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Permaculture is a Philosophy of Working “WHIT”, rather than “against” Nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless labor; and of looking at plants and animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single product system.” – Bill Mollison Essentially is Create a Model of Life based in the Care of the Environment , in the Care of our Natural Resources, in the Care of our Planet,.., ultimately in the Care of Humanity Cultivo-permacultura-Tacoronte Masanobu Fukuoka (2 February 1913 – 16 August 2008) was a Japanese farmer and philosopher celebrated for his natural farming and re-vegetation of desertified lands. He was a proponent of no-till, no-herbicide grain cultivation farming methods traditional to many indigenous cultures, from which he created a particular method of

farming, commonly referred to as “Natural Farming” or “Do-nothing Farming”. His influences went beyond farming to inspire individuals within the natural food and lifestyle movements. He was an outspoken advocate of the value of observing nature’s principles. QUOTES:

“Estranged from Nature, Human Existence is Meaningless.” “People struggle hard to understand, they are convinced that they understand and die without knowing anything.” “True Cultural born with Nature is Simple, Humble and Pure.” “Food is LIFE, and life should not be separate from nature.”

He was the Autor of “The One-Straw Revolution” BWT Network

Economy for the Common Good

Many of us we are in the Evidence that the World Economic Model must Change

It is evident that the General is in CRISIS.

For if we go to the definition and / or find that concept Crisis:

The Crisis CHANGES suggest otherwise may miss a wonderful opportunity to move towards a “better way” , adapted to the reality and the World Needs generally required at this time .

We must move towards a more Equitable and Fair model , leaving the once imposing COMMON SENSE and move towards a ” Better World “ .


Felberg Christian is one of the people to this

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evidence has concerned and occupied on what should be the model to replace the existing audience and a very interesting alternative that we present here :


Our current Capitalist Economy In an effort to prevail PROFITS and COMPETITION . The Success of a Country Economy is measured by variables such as GDP ( Gross Domestic Product ) and PROFIT .

Instead THE ECONOMY FOR THE COMMON GOOD is based on representing Basics HUMAN VALUES such as:


And the variables that measure the success of an economy are concepts such as:

  • REAL DEMOCRACY , … etc.

Ultimately proposes a model where people are what all Axis Tour . The Community and the planet at the center of all policies .

We leave video link which explains his Christian Felberg Proposal–XM

We leave you with the link to the Web Movement for ” Economics for the Common Good “ and report that are also on Facebook .



Celebrates the Summer Solstice

Change Lives! The word “solstice” means “Stop the Sun”. The Solstice is a break, a chance to reflect and review our life. They are ideal to express our wishes and intentions, assimilate our learnings, and feel our connection with the Earth and the Sun. Is Time to take Strength and Will fill Personal Power and Making Choices afford. With this intention I share some questions that will help us make this initiatory consciousness in time, and thus connect with the strength and direction we need.

  • What were my accomplishments and surprises in the first half? Take a pause to look back and recognize what you have collected for you.
  • Have you achieved all the goals that you had raised? If not, what was it that prevented you from carrying out your goals?
  • What you need to work to achieve your goals in the second half?
  • Is there anything special that surprised you?
  • Is there something you want to thank?
  • What do you let go?

Take this time to release quello pair that you no longer need. Needless to start next semester with excess baggage. Take time to let go emotionally, physically and mentally. What Wisdom want grasp on me? Maybe this semester has brought you a new and valuable learning you want to continue to deepen. Identifies that knowledge, that experience, put it in a place of your body, anchor it to your Heart and allows her to fully integrate you. Remember to bring new Resources to continue the journey. What am I open to this new season? The Solstices are a perfect time to pause and accept with love all that is to come. Open yourself to get new things, to replant the seeds that will take you to work on your projects, both material and spiritual. Think what you need

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to advance and if necessary help to continue your journey. Renew and Reborn Alejandra León (BWT Networking) Psychology- Holistic-Expert in Personal and Emotional Development

The Time Passes Very Fast!!

This is the most common and used expression of our time “I don’t have Time” “The time passes very fast” What’s going on? or What is happening to us? It has always been a feeling perhaps belonging to the Adult population of a certain age, past 40 years. But it’s interesting that when you talk to young people, the vast majority think the same and it turns out they also think that school years fly and the summer holidays go faster still. I always stay with Wisdom Street, and the other day buying a butcher was a lady, in this case a Grandmother, I guess about 70 years and…She said: “TIME IS LIKE MONEY … NOT SPREADS” And it began a talk where we agreed on all people the same. That Life goes so fast and surrounded by so many amenities we had complicated life in excess and without stopping for a minute in the day: all the time running here and there, working harder than ever and finishing exhausted. But this caught my interest and started researching what exists in the Network on this topic … and will surprise me as there are theories about it … Science or Fiction? 1- The Resonance Theory of the Earth or “Schumann Resonance” Apparently we are living what the CULTURE MAYA called “TIME OF NO TIME” is now understood that simply because we have no real sense of time … Right now we are entering what they called a New Age. The Resonance of Earth (Schumann Resonance) has been 7.8 hz / second for thousands of years. Since 1980 has risen to 12 Hz This means that 16 hours now equate to a 24 hour day. TIME is accelerating! Apparently there who has been found on the Web .. Since 1980 the earth as a planet began to experience great changes, such as Global Warming, apparently there are scientists who say it is not caused by man, but rather is normal to be in this transition period we are living process … Get yourself a watch manufactured before 1980 or in the worst of 1990 and compare it with a current one … apparently, the second was much longer in previous years and we realize that there is a difference of about 15 to 25 seconds … (I have not tried yet, I’m in search of the clock) The new watches have come out every day, the date when made and not mass production keeps from before 1980. Since it is quite interesting and curious … ISN’T? You can Listen to the Heartbeat of the Earth … The resonance of our Planet So much to find on the web who sells “Schumann Resonance” for synchronization, here you have link out of curiosity. 2- As we Grow our Time’s Perception change and will be more Fast. On the other hand there are studies that say when we are older we have a perception that time passes faster because our life is full of Routines and not New Experiences. As we age inevitably brings life less new experiences and routines. Because we use the number of new memories to measure how much time has passed, a normal week is not memorable gives the illusion that time is shrinking. There is a remedy. If you want the weekend runs slower, don’t stay at home watching TV or relaxing…you need the NEWS EXPERIENCE!! While we must ask ourselves if we really want to slow down time. Well, studies show that if you look at the circumstances that tell us the time seems to pass slowly, these include having a high fever, feeling rejected and experiencing depression. So, surprising as it may seem frustrating or perhaps if life is happening as lightning is a sign that things are going well. 3. We have many interesting things to do … it does not give us time to do whatever we want and the feeling that because we miss the time doing everything really wanted to do. Is that famous stress that since we are planning to have got to do this and that … should go here and there, … would have to buy this and that … and at the end of the day … not have time for me!…for sports, take care, relax, watch a movie, give Piano lessons …. etc, etc.. What is your Theory? Encarni Rondán (Networking BWT)

cash loans
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Educacional Garden and Farm

A Healthy and Educational option for our children. Instead of leave our children in the “Child Minding” and Children Recreation Center to enjoy the energy, today we propose proliferation of Educational Garden and Farm in the Cities. How glad we parents know our children are Playing and Learning at the same time: as the land is prepared for planting as planting, growing vegetables and fruits, … as well as the care and breeding of animals, obtaining eggs, cleaning … etc. IMG_8785 They can be combined with Arts & Crafts Workshops conducted from the Endogenous Resources from our Environment. Workshops and learn how to make cheese, yogurts, cakes, to how to conserve food, … etc.. Natural and Ecological Farms in the middle of cities to teach and connect youth to Nature. In this way they will know where they come from the foods that we eat daily and how is our Nature, Your Care and Respect. IMG_8780 Usually the family who live in the city, live so far to the Nature, this is an idea that brings children and youth to Nature, as well as basic daily Agriculture Tasks. In this world that we live our children do not have enough with school hours, Extracurricular Activities need to seek to cover their incredible desire to Learn and Discover. Back to the Nature…to our Agricultural Origins Red BWT