Godfather and Be Happy!!


Sponsorship can be a great tool to help improve this crazy world.

“is not SPONSORED  more happy that SPONSORS”

Initially Sponsorship formula is best known in the field of many NGOs with the aim of helping children born in countries with fewer resources. It’s to pay a fee, usually monthly, and with that money NGOs develop fieldwork helping to Sustainable Development and Education disadvantaged families, focusing mainly on Children Community.


We present 10 ideas found in the Web:

  1. Sponsor a OLIVE TREE. Live the experience of being a producer of your own Extra Virgin Olive Oil during the time you want … “from the countryside to your home” www.apadrinaunolivo.orgolivo_arbololivo_arbol
  2. Sponsor a CHERRY of JERTE. Select a Cerezo of Finca Valley Parks and timely information development have your cherry and you can even participate and enjoy the highlights as flowering to harvesting. www.micerezo.com and www.apadrinauncerezo.es
  3. Sponsor a HIVE. Take the best honey and pollen to you … the most natural and healthy. www.apadrinaunacolmena.es and www.ecoflor.com
  4. Sponsor SCIENCE to contribute  to the advancement of Research and Innovation. (Www.cienciaconfuturo.com and www.semillasdeciencia.es)
  5. Sponsor a Iberian PIG. For lovers of Iberian pork you can sponsor one and participate in its development and growth … and finally you can enjoy excellent products … whenever you eat it in little pain is not clear; ((www.apadrinatucochino.com and www.jamonor.com)
  6. Sponsor a ORCHARD or a HEN. We love this proposal, you can enjoy with your family in an urban garden where agricultural practice your skills and grow your own vegetables and fruits. And if not sponsor a chicken and make sure intake Fresh Eggs and free and happy chickens. (Www.huertosdeocio.com or www.misgallinitas.com)
  7. Sponsor one Sheep, Goat or Cow and have milk and milk products with full warranty. (Www.oviespana.com)
  8. Sponsor an Apple tree.Cuidados-del-manzano-que-debes-saber-2-1024x683
  9. Sponsor a ORCHARD (www.agrohuerto.com or www.lahuertadegui.com)
  10. Sponsor a GUY. And that if we did not expect it … and you can sponsor a boy … OMG far’ll get !!! (Www.adopatauntio.es)

And you … are you ready to Godfather?

BWT Network

The Time Passes Very Fast!!

This is the most common and used expression of our time “I don’t have Time” “The time passes very fast” What’s going on? or What is happening to us? It has always been a feeling perhaps belonging to the Adult population of a certain age, past 40 years. But it’s interesting that when you talk to young people, the vast majority think the same and it turns out they also think that school years fly and the summer holidays go faster still. I always stay with Wisdom Street, and the other day buying a butcher was a lady, in this case a Grandmother, I guess about 70 years and…She said: “TIME IS LIKE MONEY … NOT SPREADS” And it began a talk where we agreed on all people the same. That Life goes so fast and surrounded by so many amenities we had complicated life in excess and without stopping for a minute in the day: all the time running here and there, working harder than ever and finishing exhausted. But this caught my interest and started researching what exists in the Network on this topic … and will surprise me as there are theories about it … Science or Fiction? 1- The Resonance Theory of the Earth or “Schumann Resonance” Apparently we are living what the CULTURE MAYA called “TIME OF NO TIME” is now understood that simply because we have no real sense of time … Right now we are entering what they called a New Age. The Resonance of Earth (Schumann Resonance) has been 7.8 hz / second for thousands of years. Since 1980 has risen to 12 Hz This means that 16 hours now equate to a 24 hour day. TIME is accelerating! Apparently there who has been found on the Web .. Since 1980 the earth as a planet began to experience great changes, such as Global Warming, apparently there are scientists who say it is not caused by man, but rather is normal to be in this transition period we are living process … Get yourself a watch manufactured before 1980 or in the worst of 1990 and compare it with a current one … apparently, the second was much longer in previous years and we realize that there is a difference of about 15 to 25 seconds … (I have not tried yet, I’m in search of the clock) The new watches have come out every day, the date when made and not mass production keeps from before 1980. Since it is quite interesting and curious … ISN’T? You can Listen to the Heartbeat of the Earth … The resonance of our Planet http://youtu.be/DSlCq_NIq0M So much to find on the web who sells “Schumann Resonance” for synchronization, here you have link out of curiosity. http://brainwavelaboratories.com/tienda/resonancia-schumann-30min 2- As we Grow our Time’s Perception change and will be more Fast. On the other hand there are studies that say when we are older we have a perception that time passes faster because our life is full of Routines and not New Experiences. As we age inevitably brings life less new experiences and routines. Because we use the number of new memories to measure how much time has passed, a normal week is not memorable gives the illusion that time is shrinking. There is a remedy. If you want the weekend runs slower, don’t stay at home watching TV or relaxing…you need the NEWS EXPERIENCE!! While we must ask ourselves if we really want to slow down time. Well, studies show that if you look at the circumstances that tell us the time seems to pass slowly, these include having a high fever, feeling rejected and experiencing depression. So, surprising as it may seem frustrating or perhaps if life is happening as lightning is a sign that things are going well. 3. We have many interesting things to do … it does not give us time to do whatever we want and the feeling that because we miss the time doing everything really wanted to do. Is that famous stress that since we are planning to have got to do this and that … should go here and there, … would have to buy this and that … and at the end of the day … not have time for me!…for sports, take care, relax, watch a movie, give Piano lessons …. etc, etc.. What is your Theory? Encarni Rondán (Networking BWT)

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Grand Canyon (Arizona)

One of the greatest pleasures of

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life is definitely planning a big trip … a trip of those that let you print , as you will grow and learn about our inner world and our beloved planet. Places full of History and full of Energy ! Today we propose to visit the Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona, USA) , of those destinations that have all heard that you can imagine, but when you really leave you speechless visits … with mouth open and smiling satisfaction from ear to

ear .

Before Die …. Planning a Trip to Grand Canyon

Our starting point is located in the stunning and

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crazy city of Las Vegas, in the state of Nevada , a place from which you can easily access to the Grand Canyon and step walk through its amazing streets , monuments of consumerism and unbridled leisure erected in the desert ! IMG_4055600px-Las_Vegas_89 From there you can make thousands of trips to visit the Grand Canyon by bus , by car, by Limousine , by Helicopter, by Aircraft , Caravan …. etc, depending on your pocket. We suggest renting a car or caravan and go it alone, it is the most rewarding and adventurous way , map and GPS in hand

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reaches everywhere ! Departing from Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam , must, dam built on the Colorado River , creating an artificial lake, the lake Made . And is a good Idea visit too the Boulder city, originally constructed for workers on the construction project, typical american city. We can easily spend 2 hours at least visit . IMG_1588IMG_1606 After your visit we return path of Nevada going to Arizona on Route 93 . To visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas have several options, the quickest and easiest to visit the West Rim, approximately 2-3 hours from Las Vegas , is the closest and most tourist spot where the famous “ Sky Walk ” . The best thing for access passes through breathtaking scenery of the Arizona desert , but when you get is all organized bus tours , helicopter or plane and access is not free, can go for at least $ 85 per person (

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check Bus and access to SkyWalk ) negative is that do not let you access camera ( incredibly pathetic ! … ) IMG_8623IMG_8610 For this reason and for a few more , if you have enough time I suggest you visit the South Rim , about 5-6 hours drive from Las Vegas, with the possibility of taking a section of the old and famous Route 66 . This point of the canyon is much more wild and natural, with amazing views … Access is not free but you can enter with your car by paying $ 25 and make the visit Free tour … or … make it I do recommend doing at least one night in the place to enjoy it to the fullest. Here you have many options for accommodation from camping with caravan , hotels, … and lots of options to enjoy the Grand Canyon from above and with amazing views from within the canyon itself are walking in the colorado river. Very important to bring warm clothing , especially in winter and spring time , do not forget that it is more than 2,000 meters and even snow … WOW ! IMG_1700IMG_1691 And it depends on your time, priorities pocket and then you can visit stunning areas in Arizona, or access from there, to the state of California as it is well connected by road to Los Angeles. The Aim: Experience , Discover , Venture … Do not let them Count ! To enrich and ultimately Living , enjoying and learning about our planet and our history … Bon Voyage … and do not forget that the greatest happiness is in that moment where We design, We plan … really in the way, … it got to the highest point of ILLUSION” Sparkle Life “ Here you have some interesting links… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Canyon https://www.grandcanyon.org http://www.boomsbeat.com/articles/31/20140109/37-amazing-photos-that-capture-the-beauty-of-the-grand-canyon.htm Red BWT

Things to do Before you Die

One of the Most Powerful Forces and the Absolute Truth, is the fact that we’re going to Die . “Death ,” the great unknown and the vast majority causes us dread . However what we have there as a “possibility” … that just happens to others but to you..you will not get … We are programmed for Life and Death cannot conceive , in our innermost do not accept , or perhaps because they do not understand the concept of Death equal to End But either way , it is true that we will then End or Transformation , so take this ” Powerful Reason” as OUR BEST WEAPON TO TAKE COURAGE TO LIVE OUR OWN LIFE . It may be the Force Majeure and / or Acicate take you to be and do what you really want . When you lack the courage to do what you think and want to Ask You … REMEMBER : ” IF WE’RE GOING TO DIE “ e34b23fd187cae8f68277860ea2db557-1 So then you make your own list of ” THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE “ Obviously this list will not miss a ratio Sites to

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Explore … Go to places and / or people who know : people, cultures, landscapes … etc. aurorasindia A list of things to learn to be what you always craved also appear. And activities as you want Experience : Parachute Jump , Dive , Diving , Climbing a Mountain , Bungee Jumping, Flying,…etc saltaravion Maybe it’s time to take Painting Classes , or Dance , or Music , or Languages , or Astrology , … and form ourselves to grow and get to be what we have always dreamed . miley-cyrus-tocando-piano-9024 We stayed with this sentence: GO WHERE YOU WANT TO GO … BE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE … DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO …JUST LIVE! On the Web you can find many places with proposals for activities to be performed “Before You Die”. But before we invite you to

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reflect and listen to your heart … you know having Brain and guide you. We leave you with this ” Exciting ” Candy Chang exhibition at TED : “Before I Died I want …” http://on.ted.com/berp ERF Network BWT


Surrounded of Christmas Symbols

Is Christmas Time”…, is Time to RELAX and ENJOY with FAMILY and FRIENDS…and Time to Share with others…and TIME TO BUY TOO MUCH!!

But…, do you know what meaning the Symbols of Christmas? Why everybody put a Christmas Tree in their houses, and decorate it, put the Christmas Wreaths to decorate their doors, why we buy the Mistletoe or Holly or the Poinsettia plants in Christmas while we eating the Candy canes? It is Time to Know and Enjoy Before we Die!! Thousands of years ago, people believed that Evergreen Trees were MAGICAL because the stayed strong and green during the winter when other trees became brown and bare. The evergreen tree became a Symbol of LIFE, HOPE and JOY. 117391f5bfde9e9581614e744532f6bad1a6608eee8c58519d8ead8a57864921 The tradition of decorating a CHRISTMAS TREE originated in Germany around the 16th century. It became common for German people to decorate fir trees with Candles, Fruit, or Colored Paper. This Custom spread to England in the 19th century when Queen Victoria married a German prince named Albert.

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He put up a Christmas tree in the royal place to remind him of his homeland. Later the tradition spread from England to rest of Europe and North America. The CANDY

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CANES represent the staffs or sticks used by the shepherds who traveled to Bethlehem to see the baby Jesus. If you turn a Candy Cane upside down, it looks like the letter J. This shape symbolizes the first letter of Jesus’s name. The Red in Candy Cane represents the Blood of Christ. 3add0af0a46d057871bf2ac6315b6af1 The CHRISTMAS WREATHS is a symbol of EVERLASTING LIFE” because the shape is an Unbroken CIRCLE and the branches come from an evergreen tree, which remains green all winter. 48e7594a6a11dc4e4dd6d1172c93e577 MISTLETOE is an evergreen plant with small white berries. It has been used as a decoration for thousand of year. In ancient times, people believed that the plant had special Magical Powers. In Scandinavia was associated with their Godddess of LOVE and PEACE, Frigga. This connection between the mistletoe and love probably explains our custom of kissing whenever we meet someone under the mistletoe. But in the early years of Christianity, the church did not allow people to use mistletoe because of its pagan origins. Instead the church priests suggested the use of HOLLY as a decoration. It pointed leaves represent the thorns in Christ’s crown and the red berries represent his drops of Blood. Because of this, Red and Green have become the traditional colors of Christmas. 21f9f3c7ed128e2fd69201b2672c78ae a2966565bfaa9e693f8a6d140846de05 The POINSETTIA (Flor de Pascua) is a tropical plant that in 1828 Dr. Joel Poinsett, the first United States ambassador to Mexico, saw the beautiful Mexican plant and decided to bring it from Mexico to his own country. Since then, the Poinsettia has become a traditional Christmas Plant that can be found in homes, offices, and shops. 61bd5d321fc1433eb1df1803b3750485 We are surrounded of Christmas Symbols, we are surrounded by Signs…and Lead us all to LOVE, HOPE, JOY and PEACE IS TIME TO LOVE, TO BELIEVE, TO BE AT PEACE AND TO ENJOY!! MERRY CHRISTMAS…FOREVER Red BWT


For a day, For a moment…Get Lost!!

Typically we take much of our lives trying to please , to be accepted , caring for others , working for others … STOP … a lifetime … and … know who I am , where I’m going , what I would do, what I really think … Comes time to tell us …. Get lost ! MUJER Y LUZ Lose yourself and feel your essence as a unique and special individual. One stop to REFLECT on ourselves, an AWARENESS about our LIFE and ourselves . The need to be ALONE , it is important to evolve . Out of our usual environment, for our routine , our ” Comfort Zone “ Explorers and feel around us and ourselves .

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Ultimately, LISTEN , FEEL , WHO WE ACCEPT … IT IS BASIC TO OUR GROWTH . << Would be great if all of us occasionally we lost , it would be a highly recommended method to find us and rediscover , full and full , ready to Giving and Sharing charged batteries to meet the “Lessons of Life “ >> How to do it ? for sure it will have many occasions and situations to decide to do something individually and independently : – A Journey – A Spiritual Retreat – A tour or a walk ( Big City , Country , Beach, Mountains, … etc) – Accept a transfer or job change. – Getting lost in a book. – New Professional Challenge – Visit your origins , the place or places where you grew up and spent your childhood … etc. . Any activity or situation that take you to get everything in you and allow you MEDITATE mujer-meditando LONELINESS chosen is very comforting and Enriching. Imposed And if you can help us excel and Grow. So the list of things to do “before dying” take note for lost and FIND, a

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Fun and Exciting way! Red BWT


Become Fairy Godmother

Although we never broke up girl within us, fortunately , maybe it’s time to identify with the characters ‘adult’ of our cartoons and / or stories that accompanied our childhood. Since we can not identify both the cute little Cinderella , but we could pretend to be “Fairy Godmother” . Is a Big Challenge, which is nice to do something good for someone who really needs our help. Without any doubt , do not feel more pleasure and fulfillment when we help someone else fulfill their dreams , believe it and do not do all those things that we should . We propose to leave one of the best and most beautiful tracks in this life , it would be a great legacy , enforcing a dream, a project, helps a person in need

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and we do not know . Who has not dreamed as a child that he appeared a ‘ Fairy Godmother “with his magic wand ? Appeared to be an unknown , mysterious and kind person to help him fulfill a dream , either to give us money to help buy something important or just to help your family Let yourself go , listen to you environment , now with this annoying crisis, there are many people who need a ” Fairy Godmother ” someone who selflessly and altruistically support him , not necessarily financially, and we demonstrate that this world deserves much worth and is full of wonderful surprises. We are already adults, and we have we grown older , we know that the Fairies, Angels, Fairies , … such as we had in the

stories do not exist … but we know that there are people who behave like them and that at any given time can be your angel , your fairy … a generous person who helps others . And that person could be you. I’m sure you’ll think of a thousand stories and people we support with just wave your magic wand ;) Red BWT