I don’t need Help at Home…Thanks!

I feel a little tired of hearing the same story … if the house is both, that man every time “Help” more at home, if you learn to “Delegate” …. STOP !! Oh my God! Expressions Sentencing and we continue condemning Lifetime … Today one woman and one man mutually agreed Create a Home, Create a Family, is a decision of the two, both are responsible and managers that home work in all senses . And you have to be aware that from the moment when children come home at that , it will become more and Exciting Hard Work Centers , for both. A Job Center Job will require Physical , Intellectual, Health

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, Logistics , Finance, Education , Cleaning , … etc, and especially a job with an added difficulty in that we are managing EMOTIONS .

Sometimes, when you talk with women and men you can hear those expressions such as the following : ” My husband or partner help me at home,” “I am a man who helped at home “, ” Lucky you because your husband helps you in the House ” …

More or less we should be very Thankful when a husband or partner is involved in the home … Moreover, some men feel that you should give thanks for doing those tasks … for the same Society Subliminal way it he is saying … so a woman should be saying daily : honey thanks for throwing garbage , or thanks for making dinner, or thanks for taking the kids to school ….. This leaves us in an absurd position and the most undervalued . No wonder many women today , have the esteem in tatters … Now, in Everyday Life can give many possibilities and situations , here we will try to expose 2 of the most common in our Modern World (and obviously the more advanced countries because some are still in the Stone Age ) : 1 – Couple Working: In this situation obviously both should be planned to cater to their

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work outside the home. On the other hand both must also be planned for when they return home the “Urgent” things may have been filled. In many cases one must resort to outside assistance ( hire someone to help us , is when the family Delegates to a third party) . In the case of having to pay this extra help , if we sample a European country you can expect to pay up to 10 euros when , and we’re shooting under . But at the moment when both return home , both of them sharing any outstanding tasks , since the job of the House or Home is unlimited, comprising almost 24 hours a day , especially if you have children . 2 – The Woman does not work outside the home (focus on housework and other activities ) but Man does . This option seems normal for the person left at home may be more aware of housework (cleaning, shopping, family several steps , … etc) somehow makes their job inside covers your home and family as she performs its work outside it . In this situation both work , one indoors and the other outside the home … and when you return home, should continue and be involved in the daily rhythm of the chores of a home . Somehow Form Women ” Housewife ” takes Unpaid

Work ; but very directly implies a species that provides compensation in the family , because if you should hire an outside person to cover these tasks yourself … to calculate the time about 10 euros . 72889_239433276202851_1636907335_n But all can agree that the situation is ….. once I get home I’ll

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take a Helping Hand or what is your responsibility 24 hours a day by not having a job outside the home . .. do not know what I mean .

When Man Works at Home, just help and support to Himself , his Home and his Family .

And we must eliminate the absurd and really humiliating that Man should be a good companion and Help Your Woman in home chores feel. Everything should flow naturally , not because we ask for help or delegate … we must cooperate and work in a team … and above all be comfortable in our own home , support us and enjoy our Home and Family . Evolve and not keep repeating patterns that are useless for a New Reality where men and women we love , try to understand , respect , tolerate and share . Red BWT

In a World Designed by Men

How to survive in a world designed by men ? It is normal that a ” Creator ” believes all his image and likeness . Men , our dear fellow , have created the world for them is the Ideal , Fair & Practical , but always from the perspective of men , because it is what they know and do not know how he feels a woman , a Girl , … etc. This is the burden that drags this society since time immemorial as the World have been done by men and women , looking for a balance to both realizasen from accepting their differences and therefore its DIFFERENT NEEDS . ” Better or worse … we are just two different realities that share a common world” From BWT want a world more just and balanced, because…


For all the same … assuming that we need different, not ends up being the most optimal. The man designed a World with Jobs, Schedules , Cities, Automobiles, … etc, but did not think his woman companion is not like him do not have the same Strength Physics, Physiologically have a different reality in our day to day ultimately DIFFERENT NEEDS . On many occasions , especially since I’m Mother, as we assume that we are equal , but the world I created ( man ), that ends the day and honestly just BUSTED , I’m “KO ” . Now we demand not only be good mothers , but good professionals, good entrepreneurs, good partners, good for the community …. STOP ! mujerplancha Pregnancy is beautiful , most wonderful …. but walk into a dynamic where ” Your House ” … is the hardest job of your centers of … something … “Home Sweet Home ” is over We are EQUAL ? ? NO … I AM SO TIRED! I CAN NOT WITH MY SOUL ! Gradually note that the woman is present in the decision-making

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… but slowly … because to get to a position where they have to change something in a male dominated world is very complicated. And usually imitate the patterns and behaviors of a man , which certainly was the one who made you grow and give you the

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opportunity to get high . What is the Solution and the Key to Improve and create a better world where we all understand and tolerate : Education of our Sons and Daughters , ” OUR FUTURE “ . An education based on knowledge of each gender , their differences and similarities , and to make them see that the world must be Fair with all its inhabitants and adapt to the needs of persons : by gender, age, condition, situation .. . etc . SOUNDS UTOPIA … BUT MANY DREAMS … IT WERE UNTIL MADE REALITY With all my Respect and Love to Men (my Father, my Brother, my Son, my Husband, my Friend,…) Encarni Rondán (BWT Network)


Stay with the Good

One day I met a young man in a wheelchair , standing in the middle of the street, with bare chest in winter, motionless, with his head and looked round . I watched him for a while, did nothing, as people passed me and went on their way , I guess wondering what could I do there, maybe a freak ? I suddenly thought , what if he is sick or something happens and you need help ? So I went over and asked , … , slowly raised his head and looked at me … his eyes said it

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all , a full look of rage , impotence and indignation , replied instantly : O God ! What could I say … first thing I thought ? :

” Perhaps when you thought you had to be happy , Did you enjoy them and you were aware of its power , Did you had problems and you felt your life someday as lost as you are today … “

3f0da94f40a64a31918cc84eb00fa01c He looked at me astonished and perplexed as saying who sends you to get you into my life ? … I kept …

I have legs and I ‘m not particularly happy today Lucky or why , because until I saw you not realized that I had with me , … I just taught a lesson , you must focus on what we do have and making the most game … well maybe one day it will not . I’m not particularly happy today by wearing my legs out ,
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perhaps from the moment I learn to value … But if I ask you to do the same … and you begin to evaluate everything and still have to be aware of its value and meaning … because … To Have … but it is aware of this and neither advantage ?


Listen your Heart…it has Brain

In this our WORLD today everything has to be Measured , Collated , Tested and Proven Scientifically … but Not Evidence … ” NOT EXIST ” and problem solved. But it is well known by all, from the depths of our being … that not everything can be shown that when it comes

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to Emotions , Feelings, Love and Magic of our world in general , it’s a shame that not having evidence , Reports and Scientific Demonstration automatically discards the very essence of Life and our World … Just looking for a second a flower, a bird flying , watching our sky and you sense that the UNIVERSE … ” THERE SO WE DO NOT KNOW , BUT THERE IS SO MUCH WE CAN FEEL …. “

but if you just feel … is not enough, that you can not talk , which is unfortunately not true in this World of Man and Reason.

But gradually the science itself increasingly goes further and begins to uncover evidence of what our Magical World. How often have we said that a person gives “Bad Vibrations “ or ” Bad Stuff “ … and how much we say the opposite, that person has a “Buen Rollo” ” Transmits “Very Good Vibrations ” … Because … this

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is REAL, is SENSE PERCEPTION one that has to do with our HEART .

It has been found that the Heart contains an Independent Nervous System with over 40,000 neurons and a complex and dense network of neurotransmitters , proteins and support cells . Thus we speak of our heart has BRAIN … YES YES !

CORAZONTIENECEREBROcorazonycerebro You can LEARN, REMEMBER AND RECEIVE , AND EVEN MAKE DECISIONS AND TAKING ACTION WHETHER OUR BRAIN . It proves to be the HEART which ensures the General Body Balance : HOMEOSTASIS producing hormone ANF . One of its effects is to inhibit the production and Stress Hormone Releasing

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Oxytocin ( the love hormone known ) And what’s more Fantastic … Through Heart Rhythm Variations and sends messages to the brain and the rest of the body . Now I understand why there are people who

by their very presence made me feel uncomfortable and even Violent … or other that make me feel cheerful and at peace … Your heart is telling me through their magnetic waves Captures Our Heart … these impulses and Feel the positivity or negativity of the person close to us . It seems that in our Modern World Mind is imposed to the Heart …. GO ERROR !


We leave you with an interesting video where he talks Professor of Psychology , Neurology and Psychiatry ” Gary Schwartz” http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xxraih_memoria-celular-el-pequeno-cerebro-del-corazon-gary-schwartz_school Red BWT


What is your Life Expectancy?

Watching a documentary broadcast in television started to ramble … it’s just speaking of Cancer, Cancer blissful … And commented that no cases of the disease were known in antiquity , but it is clear

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, at the time of the Egyptian Empire “HOPE OF LIFE ” was only 40 years ( approx.) and that if you belonged to the elite pharaohs and palace. Apparently cancer is related to a process that has to do with aging, most carcinogenic processes develop in people with ages over 60 years. But I will not talk about the cancer … pretty occupied and worried and too many families . Just this information led me to reflect on what the Human Being STUPID . Currently our LIFE EXPECTANCY round about 80 years ( in the developed world , privileged and wealthy , of course ) , with some differences between male and female , apparently women we live a little longer. The fact is that we have managed to give away ” LIFETIME “ with respect to our ancestors. We think that by the age of 40 gives us a WONDERFUL TREASURE , a bond with expectations 40 years , which says: “Well for 40 years … if you know take care of you and if circumstances permit … so enjoy it “ The greatest gift you can think

of , ” LIFE” (go best gift ! ) . A “Extra Life” with its joys , suffering , tears, smiles , loves, hates … experiences that ultimately will make us grow and evolve. Through the efforts of generations ,

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I can write this today in perfect awareness and health. And I have to say that 40 is wonderful , you walk into a very rich and interesting stage. THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN SATISFIED YEARS ! Gone are complex , insecurities, need to constantly please … Now more than ever I want to be “I ” (with my strengths and my faults ) , listen to and grow on a personal level , because I’ve come to understand that the only

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way , I can contribute to others and do something interesting in this world. I leave wikipedia link where you can see the current average life expectancy in the world. And so we can see how “good” is your ” BONUS EXTRA LIFE “ , depending on the place and time where you had the luck to be born . And awaken from our self-centeredness, because today

, XXI Century , there are areas in the world where life expectancy is around 40 years old as the Egyptian era. http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esperanza_de_vida Take care and Live, please … ” Ideadora ” BWT


The Cup of Life

My dear fellow traveler ( my love) has always told me, you women have wonderful custom carry within you the “Cup of Life” When I hear complain about the symptoms of pre – rule , ovulation , ruler and even the post- rule, always tells me the same << do not complain while you have the good fortune to carry within you the cup of life. >> But to some extent is right , although sometimes I answer that and they also could help carry him , because in the end I sometimes think MY LIFE IS GOVERNED BY THIS CUP WITH AND HORMONES All pending menstrual cycle life , a whole life hanging by our hormones … There comes a point where some activity when planning either a trip, vacation , holiday, … etc . automatically think of

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my menstrual cycle , because I know for a fact that my hormones will influence the degree of enjoyment and intensity of such an event. If I happen to live outside of our nature “CREATIVE LIFE” our body is governed exclusively by this “DON” . Menstrual cycle begins and I feel great , as I go reaching ovulation will increasingly booming : I’m full of energy, full-fledged super positive , entrepreneurial , wanting to eat the world full of carnal desire …. I am a Goddess ! (or sometimes I think that a cat in heat ) . Once passed ovulation (sometimes also have discomfort ) slowly and as I approach the rule days , I start to feel bad (could be 10 days before you go! ) : Physical discomfort , the desire to eat the world disappear , apathy , fatigue , pessimism, melancholy, possibly I swelled up like a balloon and suddenly arrives the fish … ” RULE ” . It could represent my life cycle in a graph , shaped like a huge “roller coaster” . I therefore conclude that my nature of woman , my body complains and feels bad , mourns the loss of the opportunity to not have been conceived , a month is more a missed opportunity to create a life , as this seems to be his main goal each month. If this is so , we are ” distorting ” … but sorry, that’s evolution. While my physiology is simply focused on motherhood , my mind has changed and no longer has priority or only priority. A woman today can be totally happy and feel accomplished without the need to be Mother . Moreover, although you’ll need to be Mother fill your life with other “things ” to feel complete and fulfilled. We have expanded the range of options to develop as women. Be Mother , Family, Children , may or may not be the center of our lives. It’s definitely a breakthrough. Although I can not live outside my Innate Nature and tell me and I repeat that I feel blessed to be lucky to carry within me the great “GLASS OF LIFE” and having the “DON” of being a “CREATOR OF LIFE” (however that may be annoying at times) . And you , how do you feel about your “Cup of Life”? Ideadora BWT