Celebrates the Summer Solstice


Change Lives! The word “solstice” means “Stop the Sun”. The Solstice is a break, a chance to reflect and review our life. They are ideal to express our wishes and intentions, assimilate our learnings, and feel our connection with the Earth and the Sun. Is Time to take Strength and Will fill Personal Power and Making Choices afford. With this intention I share some questions that will help us make this initiatory consciousness in time, and thus connect with the strength and direction we need.

  • What were my accomplishments and surprises in the first half? Take a pause to look back and recognize what you have collected for you.
  • Have you achieved all the goals that you had raised? If not, what was it that prevented you from carrying out your goals?
  • What you need to work to achieve your goals in the second half?
  • Is there anything special that surprised you?
  • Is there something you want to thank?
  • What do you let go?

Take this time to release quello pair that you no longer need. Needless to start next semester with excess baggage. Take time to let go emotionally, physically and mentally. What Wisdom want grasp on me? Maybe this semester has brought you a new and valuable learning you want to continue to deepen. Identifies that knowledge, that experience, put it in a place of your body, anchor it to your Heart and allows her to fully integrate you. Remember to bring new Resources to continue the journey. What am I open to this new season? The Solstices are a perfect time to pause and accept with love all that is to come. Open yourself to get new things, to replant the seeds that will take you to work on your projects, both material and spiritual. Think what you need

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to advance and if necessary help to continue your journey. Renew and Reborn Alejandra León (BWT Networking) Psychology- Holistic-Expert in Personal and Emotional Development

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