Educacional Garden and Farm


A Healthy and Educational option for our children. Instead of leave our children in the “Child Minding” and Children Recreation Center to enjoy the energy, today we propose proliferation of Educational Garden and Farm in the Cities. How glad we Leer más

Bike Cafe o Bike Coffee


Many are the Benefits of Using BICYCLE certainly are called to take the streets of all cities. Many in this issue are ahead as Amsterdam , Vancouver , Montreal , Beijing , Portland , Copenhagen, … etc. With the conquest Leer más

The World of APP


Seize the world of possibilities offered by new technologies , giving back can be our END. The man has had to survive and has adapted to the environment. And our environment today has nothing to do with a few years Leer más

Delegate at Home (Personal Assistant)


No doubt Lifestyles have changed, the incorporation of women into the workforce , the aging population , the Fall of Birth , New Technologies, … we live in a very different scenario where the common denominator is ” lack of Leer más

Custom Furniture

No doubt we should be constantly evolving and adapting to change , it’s a matter of survival , and even more in the business sector. The basis of every business and marketing in general ( Marketing Techniques ) is to Leer más