If you Already Idea


To undertake should be from a Proactive and Innovative Attitude . Seeing things from a different perspective and Be Open to Change , Listen and Act.

To Innovate it does not take much knowledge or contacts at NASA , to innovate just need COMMON SENSE and lots EMPATHY .

Make use of our ” EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE “ we will want to do more Effective , Efficient and adapt to the real needs of the market or client things .

Nothing is invented , everything can be reinvented , for the people, life in general … EVOLVE , and nothing is static , although we try to make it so.

If we take this attitude of “EMPATHIC LISTENING” and observation , start seeing phenomenal Ideas Ideas to undertake or to improve our environment , from the most simple to the truly innovative inventions that require our study , research and development .

Since you get up …. seen anything that can be improved or offer differently : things are done in a way , because we assume that they must be.


IF YOU HAVE THE IDEA , we recommend following a ” road map” or steps that we take to analyze and study the technical feasibility , Economic and Financial . Well before jumping into the pool must take into account the ambient temperature, the height from which you think shooting, whether or not water … etc

OBJECTIVE : ” try to reduce the uncertainty and Controlling everything Controllable “

But beware, all is not schedulable and controllable at time zero , ” WALKING THE PATH IS , so we have to start working and obstacles sorteándolos go slowly .

BELIEVE in what you do , FOLLOW your instinct and train you and continuously INFORM .
Ah ! and above all … you’re passionate about !
Good Luck ! Good Luck !