Educacional Garden and Farm


A Healthy and Educational option for our children. Instead of leave our children in the “Child Minding” and Children Recreation Center to enjoy the energy, today we propose proliferation of Educational Garden and Farm in the Cities. How glad we parents know our children are Playing and Learning at the same time: as the land is prepared for planting as planting, growing vegetables and fruits, … as well as the care and breeding of animals, obtaining eggs, cleaning … etc. IMG_8785 They can be combined with Arts & Crafts Workshops conducted from the Endogenous Resources from our Environment. Workshops and learn how to make cheese, yogurts, cakes, to how to conserve food, … etc.. Natural and Ecological Farms in the middle of cities to teach and connect youth to Nature. In this way they will know where they come from the foods that we eat daily and how is our Nature, Your Care and Respect. IMG_8780 Usually the family who live in the city, live so far to the Nature, this is an idea that brings children and youth to Nature, as well as basic daily Agriculture Tasks. In this world that we live our children do not have enough with school hours, Extracurricular Activities need to seek to cover their incredible desire to Learn and Discover. Back to the Nature…to our Agricultural Origins Red BWT

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