Welcome to the WONDERFUL WORLD of children, those kiddies that they put the limit of patience but you passionate and THE MORE YOU WANT YOUR OWN LIFE .


<<Like it or not, we are the key to development of our children, the key to your present and future  And we refer to the facts and studies>>

From the moment the child is in our uterus and is just a beating heart ( approximately 3 weeks of gestation) , apparently all that makes the mother will influence the development of this new life . I would say even more , from months prior to conception , the life that has taken her mother will influence .

Begin at the time of PREGNACY. It is a well known and proven , so far as food, the habits of the mother and health in general affect the child .

But now you can also show that even the “EMOTIONS” which feels the mother transferred to the uterus through the placenta , so , it is shown that the “stress” of the mother can do disservice to your son.


Therefore, and because once born, the Mother still has a crucial role , highlight the importance of the role of it in the development of children and the development of society in general.

Once the child is born , “they” become one of the premier ultimately are ” Educating ” our present and our future .

Sharing try and report on the latest research , trends , analysis, … etc, to help us provide the best education to our children , for the sake of creating a Healthy, Happy , Safe , Happy People , … etc. Well, what is clear is that the years of the ” CHILDREN ” are the “keys” years, where the foundations of the future adult sit .

We leave you with an interesting video of Networks ( Eduardo Punset ) which speaks of the “IMPORTANCE OF HAVING A HEALTHY PREGNANCY AND QUIET”

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