No Time For Me


Definitely one of the most common phrases Mother Woman today.

” I DO NOT HAVE TIME FOR ME “: ” Work, Home , Children, Family, … and I have no time even to go to the bathroom ”

Really that TODAY NO EASY TASK TO BE A MOTHER . We guess it never was, but if it is true that once you prepared to be, since you were born you know your goal and ultimate goal was to create a family and be a good mother and wife … it took you to the ultimate realization .

But MUCH HAS CHANGED HISTORY , have been educated at all for that one and only mission and we really did with many more stories besides motherhood. And even a woman can have a totally full and rich life without being a mother.

Do not feel bad for feeling SAME SPACE NEED YOU to realize yourself as a person and grow your concerns. Our references for Mother have little to offer us today , we can provide in Love, Support , Tenderness , Patience , but not much in the philosophy of life of a mother today, as well as mother wants to be working , entrepreneur , adventurer researcher , … etc, wants to be a thousand and one stories , and without them you can not really give “everything” in his role as Mother . As we are also more demanding and critical of ourselves, we the most demanding us in everything we get involved .

Let’s look forward, we have evolved and we can give more to our environment and family, and this is the basic contribution Mother woman makes for a better future , because they really are the main EDUCATING present and future.

<< In POSITIVE KEY , Be Positive. Our Children to Become  FREE , INDEPENDENT and FULL of VITALITY  and JOY >>

be woman today