Philosophy BWT


A DIFFERENT WOMAN that has little to do with the stereotypes of the past. Know and be able to evolve in order to BUILD together a BETTER WORLD .
We received another Education and Lifestyle have changed. Concerning our Mother , Grandmother , Entrepreneur , … etc, should be the starting point from which to take everything good and begin to grow … to EVOLVE

” Bewomantoday is a Simple Woman , FRESH and NATURAL , Full of Concerns emerge who wants to leave all his POWER to feel fulfilled and to contribute to their personal growth and development “
We are aware that as WOMEN have another perspective or viewpoint of life in general and thus OTHER NEEDS. And they evolve , changing depending on the stage of life in which you find yourself : do not feel and need just when we ‘re young and unmarried , when you’re a mother or grandmother, … etc .

We FLOODING THE WORLD OF SENSE AND SENSIBILITY , because we think that there is another way of doing things, much more EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE in “pro” for a more SUSTAINABLE WORLD : SIMPLE, NATURAL , JUST, TOLERANT and SOLIDARITY .

A place to express ourselves as we are FREE , to share and to grow and cultivate to give to others .
A Space for NATURAL WOMAN without complexes , as can be expressed as feel , like it or not the majority, it is fashionable or not, no need to obey the established roles .