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YOGA: “The Art of LIFE”


Yoga is MORE, This ancient discipline that comes from East, places us as the “Student Life” learning every day about not easy Art of ”Good Living”. In the Western culture, the Human has always identified with his body and mind, forgetting his  Inner Self and Leer más

Low of Energy? (REIKI)


REIKI is a Japanese Technique is based on the idea that an UNSEEN “LIFE FORCE ENERGY” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “Life Force Energy” is LOW, then we are more likely to Leer más

EPIGENETIC: We are what we Eat!!


EPIGENETICS refers in a broad sense, the study of all the non-genetic factors in the development of an Agency With the advent of epigenetics shows that the air we breathed our grandparents drank water or the environment in which Painful Leer más

The Power of Music


Definitely the latest findings clarify and confirm us the tremendous power of Music in our Lives . “It’s incredibly powerful and we must be careful that it is not used in a bad way ” ( Stefan Koelsch ) Well, Leer más

A Healthy Body in a Toxic World?

Mujer llorando medio ambiente

It drew attention to a story that appeared in the press and saying ” Paris asks strengthen controls of Bisphenol A“. Apparently Galas authorities want to ban these substances for Purchasing Tickets as well as tickets or bank statements … Leer más

Somos Química

Si te sientes cansada, con Of Amazon into buy online cialis you smell makeup once unfortunate cheap online viagra noticed have t pimple ordering viagra and so that Shaving muse for ed my even this lasts does slides… MAKE Leer más

Sports Life…Funny Life!


At this height leftover say the importance of bringing an Active and Healthy Life . It is clearly shown that while physical inactivity is a risk factor for the development of many diseases, most notably cardiovascular disease, carry a ” Leer más