The Time Passes Very Fast!!


This is the most common and used expression of our time “I don’t have Time” “The time passes very fast” What’s going on? or What is happening to us? It has always been a feeling perhaps belonging to the Adult population of a certain age, past 40 years. But it’s interesting that when you talk to young people, the vast majority think the same and it turns out they also think that school years fly and the summer holidays go faster still. I always stay with Wisdom Street, and the other day buying a butcher was a lady, in this case a Grandmother, I guess about 70 years and…She said: “TIME IS LIKE MONEY … NOT SPREADS” And it began a talk where we agreed on all people the same. That Life goes so fast and surrounded by so many amenities we had complicated life in excess and without stopping for a minute in the day: all the time running here and there, working harder than ever and finishing exhausted. But this caught my interest and started researching what exists in the Network on this topic … and will surprise me as there are theories about it … Science or Fiction? 1- The Resonance Theory of the Earth or “Schumann Resonance” Apparently we are living what the CULTURE MAYA called “TIME OF NO TIME” is now understood that simply because we have no real sense of time … Right now we are entering what they called a New Age. The Resonance of Earth (Schumann Resonance) has been 7.8 hz / second for thousands of years. Since 1980 has risen to 12 Hz This means that 16 hours now equate to a 24 hour day. TIME is accelerating! Apparently there who has been found on the Web .. Since 1980 the earth as a planet began to experience great changes, such as Global Warming, apparently there are scientists who say it is not caused by man, but rather is normal to be in this transition period we are living process … Get yourself a watch manufactured before 1980 or in the worst of 1990 and compare it with a current one … apparently, the second was much longer in previous years and we realize that there is a difference of about 15 to 25 seconds … (I have not tried yet, I’m in search of the clock) The new watches have come out every day, the date when made and not mass production keeps from before 1980. Since it is quite interesting and curious … ISN’T? You can Listen to the Heartbeat of the Earth … The resonance of our Planet So much to find on the web who sells “Schumann Resonance” for synchronization, here you have link out of curiosity. 2- As we Grow our Time’s Perception change and will be more Fast. On the other hand there are studies that say when we are older we have a perception that time passes faster because our life is full of Routines and not New Experiences. As we age inevitably brings life less new experiences and routines. Because we use the number of new memories to measure how much time has passed, a normal week is not memorable gives the illusion that time is shrinking. There is a remedy. If you want the weekend runs slower, don’t stay at home watching TV or relaxing…you need the NEWS EXPERIENCE!! While we must ask ourselves if we really want to slow down time. Well, studies show that if you look at the circumstances that tell us the time seems to pass slowly, these include having a high fever, feeling rejected and experiencing depression. So, surprising as it may seem frustrating or perhaps if life is happening as lightning is a sign that things are going well. 3. We have many interesting things to do … it does not give us time to do whatever we want and the feeling that because we miss the time doing everything really wanted to do. Is that famous stress that since we are planning to have got to do this and that … should go here and there, … would have to buy this and that … and at the end of the day … not have time for me!…for sports, take care, relax, watch a movie, give Piano lessons …. etc, etc.. What is your Theory? Encarni Rondán (Networking BWT)

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