The Power of Art

Since many years ago , education has been given great importance to materials science . But since we want to make a BWT enhancement of artistic disciplines.

A story I saw on the BBC News on 26 March, had that in the U.S. since 2011 has conducted an “educational plan ” to increase the presence of art in eight public schools in the more conflictual and less resources there are in North America. According to the results obtained after these three years have proven that : “Art helps children and young people to improve their academic performance , it also increases the possibility that they continue their education longer, and teachers more motivated they feel”

In Orchard Gardens Pilot School in Boston, the results are revealing. In just three years the students have improved their academic skills in science and humanities, and a radical decrease in conflict in the classroom and improved self-esteem of students who show a greater interest in learning .

In the words of Miguel Puello , one of the students of Orchard Gardens Pilot School , “Art has changed my outlook on life. Kinds of visual arts , music and theater have made me realize that I can accomplish anything I set my mind ( … ) Art helps define me who I am, and that makes me have a big smile every day. “


At the moment where compulsory education goes through moments of crisis, doubt, and confusion , from the administration, teachers and families trying to respond year after year to catastrophic results due to widespread academic disinterest of students to learn. Trying to correct the academic gaps through patches , increasing number of hours of study materials science , foreign language, native language … and teaching hours removing the arts .

Why not solve the root problem . It is clear that students do not pay because there is motivated not want to learn and is the climate of conflict that exists today in the classroom. As a teacher , this news has

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made me a light turns on this road full of darkness and uncertainty.

The “Turnaround Arts” program being conducted in the United States can give us the solution, or at least delude and return the young the desire to go to school to learn : enjoying and creating.

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Fabiola Martin (Red BWT )