Godfather and Be Happy!!


Sponsorship can be a great tool to help improve this crazy world.

“is not SPONSORED  more happy that SPONSORS”

Initially Sponsorship formula is best known in the field of many NGOs with the aim of helping children born in countries with fewer resources. It’s to pay a fee, usually monthly, and with that money NGOs develop fieldwork helping to Sustainable Development and Education disadvantaged families, focusing mainly on Children Community.


We present 10 ideas found in the Web:

  1. Sponsor a OLIVE TREE. Live the experience of being a producer of your own Extra Virgin Olive Oil during the time you want … “from the countryside to your home” www.apadrinaunolivo.orgolivo_arbololivo_arbol
  2. Sponsor a CHERRY of JERTE. Select a Cerezo of Finca Valley Parks and timely information development have your cherry and you can even participate and enjoy the highlights as flowering to harvesting. www.micerezo.com and www.apadrinauncerezo.es
  3. Sponsor a HIVE. Take the best honey and pollen to you … the most natural and healthy. www.apadrinaunacolmena.es and www.ecoflor.com
  4. Sponsor SCIENCE to contribute  to the advancement of Research and Innovation. (Www.cienciaconfuturo.com and www.semillasdeciencia.es)
  5. Sponsor a Iberian PIG. For lovers of Iberian pork you can sponsor one and participate in its development and growth … and finally you can enjoy excellent products … whenever you eat it in little pain is not clear; ((www.apadrinatucochino.com and www.jamonor.com)
  6. Sponsor a ORCHARD or a HEN. We love this proposal, you can enjoy with your family in an urban garden where agricultural practice your skills and grow your own vegetables and fruits. And if not sponsor a chicken and make sure intake Fresh Eggs and free and happy chickens. (Www.huertosdeocio.com or www.misgallinitas.com)
  7. Sponsor one Sheep, Goat or Cow and have milk and milk products with full warranty. (Www.oviespana.com)
  8. Sponsor an Apple tree.Cuidados-del-manzano-que-debes-saber-2-1024x683
  9. Sponsor a ORCHARD (www.agrohuerto.com or www.lahuertadegui.com)
  10. Sponsor a GUY. And that if we did not expect it … and you can sponsor a boy … OMG far’ll get !!! (Www.adopatauntio.es)

And you … are you ready to Godfather?

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Things to do Before you Die

One of the Most Powerful Forces and the Absolute Truth, is the fact that we’re going to Die . “Death ,” the great unknown and the vast majority causes us dread . However what we have there as a “possibility” … that just happens to others but to you..you will not get … We are programmed for Life and Death cannot conceive , in our innermost do not accept , or perhaps because they do not understand the concept of Death equal to End But either way , it is true that we will then End or Transformation , so take this ” Powerful Reason” as OUR BEST WEAPON TO TAKE COURAGE TO LIVE OUR OWN LIFE . It may be the Force Majeure and / or Acicate take you to be and do what you really want . When you lack the courage to do what you think and want to Ask You … REMEMBER : ” IF WE’RE GOING TO DIE “ e34b23fd187cae8f68277860ea2db557-1 So then you make your own list of ” THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE “ Obviously this list will not miss a ratio Sites to

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reflect and listen to your heart … you know having Brain and guide you. We leave you with this ” Exciting ” Candy Chang exhibition at TED : “Before I Died I want …” http://on.ted.com/berp ERF Network BWT