50 Ways to take Care of Yourself

1- REST when you feel tired

2- CRY when you feel sad and you Need It

3- LEARN to say NO

4- PLAY with Your Favorite Toy

5- ENJOY on a carousel … the Ponies !!

6- EAT Healthy …It not has to be boring

7- WALK …Alone or in the company of someone who really appreciate

8- Wash and CARE of your teeth

9- PLAY with your favorite friend.

10- HUG a Teddy

11- Tell you nice and POSITIVE things every day

12- Learn to SPEAK of our emotions and express them

13-TAKE a relaxing bath … maybe with music, candles, salts …. 14- ALLOW yourself to be angry and express your displeasure and disagreement with certain things 15- LISTEN to the Birds … NATURE 16- READ a Book 17- Surround yourself with Color and Light 18- As EIR can … and especially self 19- EATINGFUL… just enough … For when you know you’re full and nourished. 20- SPEAK and comunicate with others, choosing people who know at least listen. 21- MEET new people. 22- DO Exercise … MOVE !! Movement is Life! 23- Listen to the Rain 24- Be HONEST with yourself and others 25- If you need HELP … Ask for it 26- PLAY with Water 27- WEAR your Favorite Clothing … to wait … to Mass on Sundays;) 28- LOOK the Stars pa … look up !! 29- SEEDING some plant 30- GO countryside or garden and pick some flowers 31- Rub Back and unhurried BATHING 32- Paint and draw with chalk street 33- Learn to Listen to Your Body 34- PLAY, CREATE…Build 35- MAKE something else … Help !! 36- LISTEN to the Music … good !! 37- Paint a picture … but you draw like a child! That it is … 38- Riding A Tent 39- ALWAYS learn something new 40- TURN OFF TV …No More Noise please !! 41- Listen to Your Inner Silence … It has much to tell … 42- Take a NAP … those that Baba falls !! 43- HUGS to the first opportunity you have and show your feelings. 44- Spend the majority of your time with the person or people who let you be yourself. 45- Curl up and cuddle date under a sheet or blanket. 46- Do not EXPECT anything…Jus Live! 47- Make Bubbles 48- SING a Song every day 49- Do not Take yourself Too Seriously 50- Say THANKS to everybody… it is the “Highborne be GRATEFUL” Red BWT