Surrounded of Christmas Symbols

Is Christmas Time”…, is Time to RELAX and ENJOY with FAMILY and FRIENDS…and Time to Share with others…and TIME TO BUY TOO MUCH!!

But…, do you know what meaning the Symbols of Christmas? Why everybody put a Christmas Tree in their houses, and decorate it, put the Christmas Wreaths to decorate their doors, why we buy the Mistletoe or Holly or the Poinsettia plants in Christmas while we eating the Candy canes? It is Time to Know and Enjoy Before we Die!! Thousands of years ago, people believed that Evergreen Trees were MAGICAL because the stayed strong and green during the winter when other trees became brown and bare. The evergreen tree became a Symbol of LIFE, HOPE and JOY. 117391f5bfde9e9581614e744532f6bad1a6608eee8c58519d8ead8a57864921 The tradition of decorating a CHRISTMAS TREE originated in Germany around the 16th century. It became common for German people to decorate fir trees with Candles, Fruit, or Colored Paper. This Custom spread to England in the 19th century when Queen Victoria married a German prince named Albert.

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He put up a Christmas tree in the royal place to remind him of his homeland. Later the tradition spread from England to rest of Europe and North America. The CANDY

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CANES represent the staffs or sticks used by the shepherds who traveled to Bethlehem to see the baby Jesus. If you turn a Candy Cane upside down, it looks like the letter J. This shape symbolizes the first letter of Jesus’s name. The Red in Candy Cane represents the Blood of Christ. 3add0af0a46d057871bf2ac6315b6af1 The CHRISTMAS WREATHS is a symbol of EVERLASTING LIFE” because the shape is an Unbroken CIRCLE and the branches come from an evergreen tree, which remains green all winter. 48e7594a6a11dc4e4dd6d1172c93e577 MISTLETOE is an evergreen plant with small white berries. It has been used as a decoration for thousand of year. In ancient times, people believed that the plant had special Magical Powers. In Scandinavia was associated with their Godddess of LOVE and PEACE, Frigga. This connection between the mistletoe and love probably explains our custom of kissing whenever we meet someone under the mistletoe. But in the early years of Christianity, the church did not allow people to use mistletoe because of its pagan origins. Instead the church priests suggested the use of HOLLY as a decoration. It pointed leaves represent the thorns in Christ’s crown and the red berries represent his drops of Blood. Because of this, Red and Green have become the traditional colors of Christmas. 21f9f3c7ed128e2fd69201b2672c78ae a2966565bfaa9e693f8a6d140846de05 The POINSETTIA (Flor de Pascua) is a tropical plant that in 1828 Dr. Joel Poinsett, the first United States ambassador to Mexico, saw the beautiful Mexican plant and decided to bring it from Mexico to his own country. Since then, the Poinsettia has become a traditional Christmas Plant that can be found in homes, offices, and shops. 61bd5d321fc1433eb1df1803b3750485 We are surrounded of Christmas Symbols, we are surrounded by Signs…and Lead us all to LOVE, HOPE, JOY and PEACE IS TIME TO LOVE, TO BELIEVE, TO BE AT PEACE AND TO ENJOY!! MERRY CHRISTMAS…FOREVER Red BWT