I don’t need Help at Home…Thanks!

I feel a little tired of hearing the same story … if the house is both, that man every time “Help” more at home, if you learn to “Delegate” …. STOP !! Oh my God! Expressions Sentencing and we continue condemning Lifetime … Today one woman and one man mutually agreed Create a Home, Create a Family, is a decision of the two, both are responsible and managers that home work in all senses . And you have to be aware that from the moment when children come home at that , it will become more and Exciting Hard Work Centers , for both. A Job Center Job will require Physical , Intellectual, Health

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, Logistics , Finance, Education , Cleaning , … etc, and especially a job with an added difficulty in that we are managing EMOTIONS .

Sometimes, when you talk with women and men you can hear those expressions such as the following : ” My husband or partner help me at home,” “I am a man who helped at home “, ” Lucky you because your husband helps you in the House ” …

More or less we should be very Thankful when a husband or partner is involved in the home … Moreover, some men feel that you should give thanks for doing those tasks … for the same Society Subliminal way it he is saying … so a woman should be saying daily : honey thanks for throwing garbage , or thanks for making dinner, or thanks for taking the kids to school ….. This leaves us in an absurd position and the most undervalued . No wonder many women today , have the esteem in tatters … Now, in Everyday Life can give many possibilities and situations , here we will try to expose 2 of the most common in our Modern World (and obviously the more advanced countries because some are still in the Stone Age ) : 1 – Couple Working: In this situation obviously both should be planned to cater to their

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work outside the home. On the other hand both must also be planned for when they return home the “Urgent” things may have been filled. In many cases one must resort to outside assistance ( hire someone to help us , is when the family Delegates to a third party) . In the case of having to pay this extra help , if we sample a European country you can expect to pay up to 10 euros when , and we’re shooting under . But at the moment when both return home , both of them sharing any outstanding tasks , since the job of the House or Home is unlimited, comprising almost 24 hours a day , especially if you have children . 2 – The Woman does not work outside the home (focus on housework and other activities ) but Man does . This option seems normal for the person left at home may be more aware of housework (cleaning, shopping, family several steps , … etc) somehow makes their job inside covers your home and family as she performs its work outside it . In this situation both work , one indoors and the other outside the home … and when you return home, should continue and be involved in the daily rhythm of the chores of a home . Somehow Form Women ” Housewife ” takes Unpaid

Work ; but very directly implies a species that provides compensation in the family , because if you should hire an outside person to cover these tasks yourself … to calculate the time about 10 euros . 72889_239433276202851_1636907335_n But all can agree that the situation is ….. once I get home I’ll

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take a Helping Hand or what is your responsibility 24 hours a day by not having a job outside the home . .. do not know what I mean .

When Man Works at Home, just help and support to Himself , his Home and his Family .

And we must eliminate the absurd and really humiliating that Man should be a good companion and Help Your Woman in home chores feel. Everything should flow naturally , not because we ask for help or delegate … we must cooperate and work in a team … and above all be comfortable in our own home , support us and enjoy our Home and Family . Evolve and not keep repeating patterns that are useless for a New Reality where men and women we love , try to understand , respect , tolerate and share . Red BWT