Stay with the Good

One day I met a young man in a wheelchair , standing in the middle of the street, with bare chest in winter, motionless, with his head and looked round . I watched him for a while, did nothing, as people passed me and went on their way , I guess wondering what could I do there, maybe a freak ? I suddenly thought , what if he is sick or something happens and you need help ? So I went over and asked , … , slowly raised his head and looked at me … his eyes said it

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all , a full look of rage , impotence and indignation , replied instantly : O God ! What could I say … first thing I thought ? :

” Perhaps when you thought you had to be happy , Did you enjoy them and you were aware of its power , Did you had problems and you felt your life someday as lost as you are today … “

3f0da94f40a64a31918cc84eb00fa01c He looked at me astonished and perplexed as saying who sends you to get you into my life ? … I kept …

I have legs and I ‘m not particularly happy today Lucky or why , because until I saw you not realized that I had with me , … I just taught a lesson , you must focus on what we do have and making the most game … well maybe one day it will not . I’m not particularly happy today by wearing my legs out ,
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perhaps from the moment I learn to value … But if I ask you to do the same … and you begin to evaluate everything and still have to be aware of its value and meaning … because … To Have … but it is aware of this and neither advantage ?


Listen your Heart…it has Brain

In this our WORLD today everything has to be Measured , Collated , Tested and Proven Scientifically … but Not Evidence … ” NOT EXIST ” and problem solved. But it is well known by all, from the depths of our being … that not everything can be shown that when it comes

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to Emotions , Feelings, Love and Magic of our world in general , it’s a shame that not having evidence , Reports and Scientific Demonstration automatically discards the very essence of Life and our World … Just looking for a second a flower, a bird flying , watching our sky and you sense that the UNIVERSE … ” THERE SO WE DO NOT KNOW , BUT THERE IS SO MUCH WE CAN FEEL …. “

but if you just feel … is not enough, that you can not talk , which is unfortunately not true in this World of Man and Reason.

But gradually the science itself increasingly goes further and begins to uncover evidence of what our Magical World. How often have we said that a person gives “Bad Vibrations “ or ” Bad Stuff “ … and how much we say the opposite, that person has a “Buen Rollo” ” Transmits “Very Good Vibrations ” … Because … this

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is REAL, is SENSE PERCEPTION one that has to do with our HEART .

It has been found that the Heart contains an Independent Nervous System with over 40,000 neurons and a complex and dense network of neurotransmitters , proteins and support cells . Thus we speak of our heart has BRAIN … YES YES !

CORAZONTIENECEREBROcorazonycerebro You can LEARN, REMEMBER AND RECEIVE , AND EVEN MAKE DECISIONS AND TAKING ACTION WHETHER OUR BRAIN . It proves to be the HEART which ensures the General Body Balance : HOMEOSTASIS producing hormone ANF . One of its effects is to inhibit the production and Stress Hormone Releasing

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Oxytocin ( the love hormone known ) And what’s more Fantastic … Through Heart Rhythm Variations and sends messages to the brain and the rest of the body . Now I understand why there are people who

by their very presence made me feel uncomfortable and even Violent … or other that make me feel cheerful and at peace … Your heart is telling me through their magnetic waves Captures Our Heart … these impulses and Feel the positivity or negativity of the person close to us . It seems that in our Modern World Mind is imposed to the Heart …. GO ERROR !


We leave you with an interesting video where he talks Professor of Psychology , Neurology and Psychiatry ” Gary Schwartz” Red BWT