Educacional Garden and Farm

A Healthy and Educational option for our children. Instead of leave our children in the “Child Minding” and Children Recreation Center to enjoy the energy, today we propose proliferation of Educational Garden and Farm in the Cities. How glad we parents know our children are Playing and Learning at the same time: as the land is prepared for planting as planting, growing vegetables and fruits, … as well as the care and breeding of animals, obtaining eggs, cleaning … etc. IMG_8785 They can be combined with Arts & Crafts Workshops conducted from the Endogenous Resources from our Environment. Workshops and learn how to make cheese, yogurts, cakes, to how to conserve food, … etc.. Natural and Ecological Farms in the middle of cities to teach and connect youth to Nature. In this way they will know where they come from the foods that we eat daily and how is our Nature, Your Care and Respect. IMG_8780 Usually the family who live in the city, live so far to the Nature, this is an idea that brings children and youth to Nature, as well as basic daily Agriculture Tasks. In this world that we live our children do not have enough with school hours, Extracurricular Activities need to seek to cover their incredible desire to Learn and Discover. Back to the Nature…to our Agricultural Origins Red BWT

Bike Cafe o Bike Coffee

Many are the Benefits of Using BICYCLE certainly are called to take the streets of all cities. Many in this issue are ahead as Amsterdam , Vancouver , Montreal , Beijing , Portland , Copenhagen, … etc.

With the conquest of new IDEAS TO UNDERTAKE Bikes , adapted to the reality of daily life of people who make use of them arise .

With these styles Lives the “BIKE CAFE” or “BIKE COFFEE” arise


One stop on the

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Social Networks , Sharing, Upload Batteries, … and of course , to Repair , Fix , Maintain and / or equip your bike .


Our advice is that every public place and intends to offer a quality service should have free internet access … WIFI area essential . If possible with World Library Specialized Bike and also free. And Zone Bulletin Board or where the public can make visible their offers and

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/ or request, preferably related to the World of Bike ( Check and / or breaks in Bike , Bike Rentals and all kinds of Material, Used Sales , meetings, etc … )

People and Places for People … ” Make yourself at home … or in your own garage “

Common sense will prevail and cities will increasingly greener, cleaner and less noisy , nobody likes Living between noise and pollution.

We focus on the eco-cities or EcoCity


The World of APP

Seize the world of possibilities offered by new technologies , giving back can be our END. The man has had to survive and has adapted to the environment. And our environment today has nothing to do with a few years ago.

Globalization , the Lifestyle , the emergence of Mobile phones and current Smartphones , Tablets , Social Networks , Internet in general … make us inevitably EVOLVE towards a new Social , Economic and Political model. Blessed Rate ! Change is EVOLUTION … and demands to be alive and willing to adapt and innovate continuously (otherwise it would be a very boring life , isn’t?) The Application Development , known “APP ” is the present and the future. It is a new field where they can grow big ideas for Entrepreneurs .

World of possibilities is infinite, since: Apps-2

  • - Applications for ENTERTAINMENT : Reading, Music , Games , … etc .
  • - Specific Applications PHOTO AND VIDEO.
  • - Specialized applications in SPORT.
  • - EDUCATION Applications (Languages , History, Medicine, Science, etc … )
  • - Specialized in ECONOMICS AND FINANCE
  • - Specialized in HEALTH
  • - Productivity App or tools that help us work and monetizing (Create and Edit Documents , Information Storage , Effective Presentations , … etc)
  • - Custom App to any each company , industry or User with specific needs.

Computer software can be developed as mobile devices , smartphones and tablets with Android operating system , or develop in iOS operating system, the system of “Apple” devices like the iPhone and iPad. The possibilities to undertake can come from : - Create a company specializing in Application Development . – Create an Innovative and Revolutionary App comes to cover a specific market need. – As if

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you are already a company and you offer a product and / or service can Optimize and Expand your service offering a mobile App or the development of an Application to Improve or Enhance you business management . As an example of APP Development company we have ambitious EVOLUCIONAPP . Young people who have decided to reinvent itself and offer companies and / or individuals the opportunity to develop any type of application that facilitates the daily life of its customers and / or users, or for the organization and / or internal management of the company. Evolucionapp We have moved in his experience the Advantages and Disadvantages having this very innovative sector Advantages:

  1. Check a growing sector .
  2. Consumption information moves in favor of mobile devices over traditional computers.
  3. Users demand relevant content brands that make them easier to day.
  4. Mobile technologies are applicable to the improvement of business processes as services to end consumers.
  5. In a world where you immediacy in communication and management set the tone , mobility solutions are integrated into the daily life of the people and allow them to follow the rhythm of life in today’s society.


  1. Difficulty in finding skilled professionals in application development .
  2. There is much competition from apps that flood the markets both Apple and Android.
  3. It is very difficult to obtain direct revenue from the sale of applications .
  4. SMEs are struggling to pay for development of complex apps.
  5. Need to be updated as technologies and development platforms are constantly evolving.

And to see the great potential of APP can provide businesses , the example of their first product, in principle, have specialized in a specific file management tool for large EPC projects (Engineering , Procurement and Construction) , the “EPC TRACKER” An application that will help shape and Manage Comprehensive Real time working as complicated as a great work of EPC ( Great Works as Combined Cycle Energy Plant Petroliferous , …) characterized by great complexity . Here is a link to a video presentation EPC TRACKER Here you have link to your website where you can see what they offer. Red BWT


Delegate at Home (Personal Assistant)

No doubt Lifestyles have changed, the incorporation of women into the workforce , the aging population , the Fall of Birth , New Technologies, … we live in a very different scenario where the common denominator is ” lack of Time “ Everyday saturates us with plenty of activities and occupations. Sometimes we can not directly manage each and every one of these activities. This leads to the burdens and the famous ” Stress “ of our lives . Conclusion : We need help … Solution : Help me please

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with work, home, children , education, … etc . Therefore we focus on companies that aim to facilitate everyday people , families in general, so that they focus and concentrate on those really important actions. We refer to a host of ” Personal Services “ ranging from : – No time to wash the car . – I need to pick up the suit from the cleaners . – I must make some management directors and / or company and I can not lose one morning ( changes of ownership, payment of bills , claims, … etc. . ) – I need someone to make me purchase, iron, clean house, … etc . – Help to organize my storage. – Help to accompany a sick relative , either

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to the doctor or you’re not alone. – Personal Assistant to put me up and helps me organize from my house, my schedule , my emails , my contacts , … etc . NEED A PERSONAL ASSISTANT ! be woman today We’d have a long list normally managed through family and / or friends … but today , who can lend a cable if all go running? First you need to analyze the market well and study the potential customer of such services. Fundamental offer a Professional Service , Formal, Discreet and Serious , as very personal situations are handled . Our Market is a Customer purchasing a certain level , Medium-High . Customer who value their time above all else and that is willing to pay a price. The main challenge : ” to provide an efficient and effective service at a fair price “ It is difficult to put a price on this kind of personal representation , where the main cost is time. These are projects that require a lot of manpower or partners network It must be a fair and competitive price, because consumers are not used to pay for such efforts . To do suggest the possibility of offering ” lots of personal representation ,” payment “flat rate” ( regular price and you can use a number of services ) , ” membership fees ” and very important the ” launch promotions ” services hooks to the potential customer knows us . The objective is that the potential customer considers that the price paid is the best investment , because their time is more important and especially savings warmups head and sleep. It is intended that the Client when you get home can say that of ” Home Sweet Home … “ . And your home will become your “SECOND WORKPLACE” If you can , learn to ” DELEGATE AT HOME “ . As an example a project called ” UN MANDAITO “ . Project three women entrepreneurs who have decided to start their career as entrepreneurs with the low expectations that paid employment provides today. un mandaito From his own experiences as Working Women , Mother, detected these needs and hands were put to work. We leave the link to your web From BWT wish them good luck and encourage others to LAUNCH business projects in the field of Personal Services . Red BWT


Custom Furniture

No doubt we should be constantly evolving and adapting to change , it’s a matter of survival , and even more in the business sector. The basis of every business and marketing in general ( Marketing Techniques ) is to adapt to customer needs , and this should not be just a number or number of potential customer, but must be a person of flesh and blood , called surnames and with very specific needs. This would apply to any business , but today we will focus specifically on adaptation and manufacture of ” custom ” furniture, that meet the real needs of the person concerned , in that it really fits the space , the functionality you are looking for the client, to size and design the ideal that goes with their tastes, and of course, your pocket. Normally today is that when you have to decorate your house, you visit the furniture stores you think are more suited to your tastes and financial possibilities , and you, the customer, adapting to what’s on the market, your decision-making capacity is limited and conditioned fully . Let backward, ” furniture maker and seller of ” I’m going to your house , listen to your needs , see “in situ” the space you have and negotiate the budget with which account. And we study the possibilities of recycling and reuse of certain furniture and / or spaces are there in the house in question . Develop furniture for People living spaces and no spaces furniture . Furniture and respects that space also respect the environment and especially the needs of the people who inhabit it. Furniture to inform us, to protect us , that we tucked in to help us , in short, comfortable , ergonomic , made with the finest materials and furnishings that do not harm the environment, which are reusable and intelligent. Reinvent the furniture sector and adaptemosnos people inhabiting space . Not the same furnishing or decorating a house where an adult man lives , an adult woman , where lives a family with young children, college kids or family , or persons living with pets, or people with physical disabilities, to families

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with certain lifestyles , … etc . If we think from this new perspective , we emerge many new ideas, new furniture really fit people . In business as in life you have to innovate and to do this you must only develop your creativity and imagination. And above all leave the exterminator and mediocre that ” everything is invented ” topic. What do you think ? Feel like to undertake ? Red BWT