Economy for the Common Good

Many of us we are in the Evidence that the World Economic Model must Change

It is evident that the General is in CRISIS.

For if we go to the definition and / or find that concept Crisis:

The Crisis CHANGES suggest otherwise may miss a wonderful opportunity to move towards a “better way” , adapted to the reality and the World Needs generally required at this time .

We must move towards a more Equitable and Fair model , leaving the once imposing COMMON SENSE and move towards a ” Better World “ .


Felberg Christian is one of the people to this

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evidence has concerned and occupied on what should be the model to replace the existing audience and a very interesting alternative that we present here :


Our current Capitalist Economy In an effort to prevail PROFITS and COMPETITION . The Success of a Country Economy is measured by variables such as GDP ( Gross Domestic Product ) and PROFIT .

Instead THE ECONOMY FOR THE COMMON GOOD is based on representing Basics HUMAN VALUES such as:


And the variables that measure the success of an economy are concepts such as:

  • REAL DEMOCRACY , … etc.

Ultimately proposes a model where people are what all Axis Tour . The Community and the planet at the center of all policies .

We leave video link which explains his Christian Felberg Proposal–XM

We leave you with the link to the Web Movement for ” Economics for the Common Good “ and report that are also on Facebook .



Grand Canyon (Arizona)

One of the greatest pleasures of

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life is definitely planning a big trip … a trip of those that let you print , as you will grow and learn about our inner world and our beloved planet. Places full of History and full of Energy ! Today we propose to visit the Grand Canyon National Park (Arizona, USA) , of those destinations that have all heard that you can imagine, but when you really leave you speechless visits … with mouth open and smiling satisfaction from ear to

ear .

Before Die …. Planning a Trip to Grand Canyon

Our starting point is located in the stunning and

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crazy city of Las Vegas, in the state of Nevada , a place from which you can easily access to the Grand Canyon and step walk through its amazing streets , monuments of consumerism and unbridled leisure erected in the desert ! IMG_4055600px-Las_Vegas_89 From there you can make thousands of trips to visit the Grand Canyon by bus , by car, by Limousine , by Helicopter, by Aircraft , Caravan …. etc, depending on your pocket. We suggest renting a car or caravan and go it alone, it is the most rewarding and adventurous way , map and GPS in hand

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reaches everywhere ! Departing from Las Vegas to the Hoover Dam , must, dam built on the Colorado River , creating an artificial lake, the lake Made . And is a good Idea visit too the Boulder city, originally constructed for workers on the construction project, typical american city. We can easily spend 2 hours at least visit . IMG_1588IMG_1606 After your visit we return path of Nevada going to Arizona on Route 93 . To visit the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas have several options, the quickest and easiest to visit the West Rim, approximately 2-3 hours from Las Vegas , is the closest and most tourist spot where the famous “ Sky Walk ” . The best thing for access passes through breathtaking scenery of the Arizona desert , but when you get is all organized bus tours , helicopter or plane and access is not free, can go for at least $ 85 per person (

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check Bus and access to SkyWalk ) negative is that do not let you access camera ( incredibly pathetic ! … ) IMG_8623IMG_8610 For this reason and for a few more , if you have enough time I suggest you visit the South Rim , about 5-6 hours drive from Las Vegas, with the possibility of taking a section of the old and famous Route 66 . This point of the canyon is much more wild and natural, with amazing views … Access is not free but you can enter with your car by paying $ 25 and make the visit Free tour … or … make it I do recommend doing at least one night in the place to enjoy it to the fullest. Here you have many options for accommodation from camping with caravan , hotels, … and lots of options to enjoy the Grand Canyon from above and with amazing views from within the canyon itself are walking in the colorado river. Very important to bring warm clothing , especially in winter and spring time , do not forget that it is more than 2,000 meters and even snow … WOW ! IMG_1700IMG_1691 And it depends on your time, priorities pocket and then you can visit stunning areas in Arizona, or access from there, to the state of California as it is well connected by road to Los Angeles. The Aim: Experience , Discover , Venture … Do not let them Count ! To enrich and ultimately Living , enjoying and learning about our planet and our history … Bon Voyage … and do not forget that the greatest happiness is in that moment where We design, We plan … really in the way, … it got to the highest point of ILLUSION” Sparkle Life “ Here you have some interesting links… Red BWT

Back to Bartering

Barter is the exchange of objects and / or services for other items or services and are unlike the usual sale which no intermediate “Cash ” in the transaction.

Having seen and given the situation Social , Economic , Financial and Policy in general we consider this possibility. A SMART Consumer POSSIBILITY .

The good thing about such a crisis is in the reflection in the change … it is a process that should lead us to EVOLVE … And at least ” Awakened Consciousness “ is translating into greater Awareness the need for a Responsible , Sane and Sustainable Consumption .

It is what is known as COLLABORATIVE CONSUMPTION , where they play a large role social networks and Internet in general.


We are aware that we are at least ” drugged ” or ” tainted ” by the system , but that basically timeless saying ” Happy is not the most … but the one that has less need “ are we impose . And this quintessential consumer society and gave us or give us Happiness is more … It will kill our planet.

In this scenario there are new ideas and models that we carry Share , Reuse, Leverage and collaborate towards a real ” quality of life” always in the hands of a respect for the environment … as this will reflect a respect for others and the person … because we are … we ENVIRONMENT … PLANET EARTH we are .

They need to change the “Chip” because we come from a system in which the leading education Competitiveness, Rivalry, Individualism , Self Dwelling , Comparison , etc …

But evolution tells us that the road should be the opposite to survive and create a sustainable and Sustainable Planet. By its own weight is catching the need to Cooperate , Collaborate , Working Together , Working Computer, Recycle … etc.


Today we can access countless websites where bartering is done almost everything :

From your holiday home , you offer your home and you can find a vacation home anywhere in the world to share your car, trade items and furnishings , personal services of all kinds, training, etc …
It has created a great COLLABORATIVE NETWORK , where you can get everything for the modest price of TRANSACTION something that you own and another person needs .

Ultimately infinite possibilities that bring people together and encourage a more responsible and sensible drinking . Because money is not everything … or at least not let it be.


We all have much to give and MUCH NEED OF OTHERS , and studying what you can interchange and be amazed of people who want ” Truequear ” you.

On the Internet we can find a multitude of experiences. Here we link you with just a small sample of sites dedicated to Barter .



Urban Gardens, Smart Cities

Clearly the man has been squandering its natural and endogenous resources

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in recent decades , creating and developing cities and quintessential consumer societies that kill everything and are not at all sustainable.

You should change the “chip” learn from the lessons

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of life and evolve into a future that gets the good of the past and our present, learning the lessons of each day to grow into a better , at least more fair and consistent future.

In this line are emerging Urban Gardens , whether public or private, a method that aims to somehow claim :

- The use of public space for the good of the Community

- One way to raise and consume your own organic products

- A return to our agricultural essence , a Return to Nature.

- Allows our “people”, mostly retired , engaged in the

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cultivation in these gardens , with huge benefits for them personally and to the community .


The Urban Gardens become small oasis of nature between the bricks and asphalt, as well as being support for many families .

Let simpler more human cities , and Practices , contact with nature and SUSTAINABLE.

From BWT encourage local authorities to make available to the citizen of public land for the development of these practices, where many people could work doing your hobby and skills voluntarily, and harvests could go to soup kitchens and / or entities help the poor.

We also encourage you to create your own garden at home, either a balcony or terrace, in a garden, or in tight spaces through vertical gardens. A healthy and beautiful way to start consuming vegetables, fresh vegetables and herbs at home.


What do you think of this initiative?

Put an orchard in your life and surround yourself with green!