EPIGENETIC: We are what we Eat!!

EPIGENETICS refers in a broad sense, the study of all the non-genetic factors in the development of an Agency With the advent of epigenetics shows that the air we breathed our grandparents drank water or the environment in which

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they lived very directly affect their descendants , even decades later.

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the genes we inherit and played a great role play External factors such as the environment or what our ancestors ate . These external factors make it be on or off certain genes , and this directly affects the present and future , and our own descendants Health . Therefore it is not the genes we inherit from our parents, but if they are “on” or “off” . On and Off This is related

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CANCER, which shows that epigenetics , or external factors, are key to the development of this disease . In short, it tries to explain how the LIFESTYLES act on GENES . And at this point has never been so certain the words “WE ARE WHAT WE EAT” Epigenetic is still taking its first steps

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, but already has the STAR FOOD that may influence favorably in our genes and therefore for our HEALTH , these are the top 3: – BroccoliGrenadeAvocado foto-de-brocoligranada-1ganze und halbe avocado isoliert auf weiss To which we can add all kinds of Vegetable Leaf Green, FOLIC ACID source , essential for the regeneration and reconstruction of our Genes . According to recent studies the importance of eating foods rich in ” Apigenin “ since returning Deadly cancer cells and especially proven effective in BREAST CANCER is also highlighted . It is present in many vegetables and fruits. The rich in this substance FOOD STARS are: – Celery - ParsleyPeppermint celeryperejil2images Foods cause chemical changes to our DNA is added , hence the importance of what you ‘re wearing MOUTH Then we leave with spacious Documentary where advances in epigenetics is http://youtu.be/KLDfmUU5VT0 Red BWT


The Power of Music

Definitely the latest findings clarify and confirm us the tremendous power of Music in our Lives .

“It’s incredibly powerful and we must be careful that it is not used in a bad way ” ( Stefan Koelsch )

Well, scientists have put on the table what data showing that from ancient Greece believed: ” The Music … The Sounds … All They Can “ It was thought that mimicked the emotional state of the ALMA (SOUL) so we could enter into certain sensations and feelings that consequently influence our behavior. The music was for Greek art of divine origin. This concept derives not only the term “music” ( Musike art of the Muses ) but also the invention of instruments, created by the gods , and trust in the power of music to influence man. Itself

A music were attributed magical powers , could cure diseases, change behaviors and work all kinds of wonders.

musicagrecia In Greek mythology, the legends about the music and the gods that are associated with it, are one of the most abundant and attractive themes . Today as you can see through “MRI” Music changes our Incredible Brain … That is Increible, no? Then it is scientifically proving what our ancestors already sensed If you require its listening to music we do not like , would remove the worst of ourselves, if we listened to music that saddens us , end up with a DEPRESSION , and today we know that music can be used as torture and to manipulate people .


el-poder-de-la-musica-para-generar-energía-alegrarme-el-dia-musica-para-alegrar-nos-cerebro-programacion-neuro-linguistica-efecto-muisca-letra-musica-generar-estado-de-energia-positiva-positivo-669x272 For Stefan Koelsch (doctor of neuroscience , musician and psychologist, and sociologist neurobiologist ) music is life , playing the piano and violin as a child, and his 43 years claims to have

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suffered much, to the point of losing life and reaches almost to say that : “Music saved me”. He has studied many races , all focused on studying the effects of music on the brain. ” Seeking answers , I want to find out how cognitive functions are shown in the brain and how this knowledge can help fight disease .” “We are innately musical creatures from the depths of our nature ” ( Stefan Koelsch ) According to Koelsch Music has great powers and benefits, well used . It has the great “gift” of UNITE . “When humans are in HARMONY , when they cooperate , SOCIAL COHESION emerges , then a feeling of unity, communion appears, and this is what I understand as a “SPIRITUAL TIME” and the music can expect to get. musica-para-sus-oidos_2919 We show that children who are encouraged musical language learn faster processes of language, the nuances , the syntax and the ability to listen , and have fewer problems with

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dyslexia. Sing or make music is very beneficial for them. Since the brain does not distinguish between music and language , especially in children’s brains. We leave you with link program NETS Eduardo Punset where we wide this information in its “Music, Emotion and Neuroscience” http://youtu.be/wl0ep6vdWaQ Red ( BWT )


A Healthy Body in a Toxic World?

It drew attention to a story that appeared in the press and saying ” Paris asks strengthen controls of Bisphenol A“. Apparently Galas authorities want to ban these substances for Purchasing Tickets as well as tickets or bank statements … amazing! But … what are we talking about? , Seemingly impossible words flood our daily lives and threatening our health and the health of those we love the most , our children. BPA Bisphenol A word we automatically suggest other as Parabens , Phthalates , … etc . Studies show that a number of toxic used in manufacturing

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a lot of products we are silently killing and yet nobody does anything because it would go against the great empires and industries. Among the first suspects are phthalates used to make plastics more flexible or packaging of perfumes. They are found in cosmetics, furniture , PVC toys , t … All the recent research suggests that these toxic substances are related to some health problems become more common as Cancer, Allergies , Hyperactivity or Male Infertility . They are known as ” Endocrine DISRUPTORS “ and are able to alter the hormonal system and cause various health damage . PARABENOSNO copia These substances can be especially dangerous during PREGNANCY . So special care if you are in a state of good

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hope or mother has been recently . Tons of chemicals are released to the environment without knowing that long-term toxic to living things . Up to 247 toxic substances have been found in newborns . Today we are bequeathing our toxic burden our children with our DNA. huellatierra They are so present that it is almost impossible to escape contamination. There Bis A in bike bottle in baby bottles and resins lining food cans . PBDs are beyond the computer and electrical appliances . The breathe every day alongside PHTHALATES emanating vinyl , lightweight plastics used in the manufacture of toys, … etc. . PFOA in the anti-stain treatments and anti- adhesive pots are associated with effects on the Thyroid and Cancer In this situation we can only be alert , inform and form the best of our ability and especially: – Read labels carefully to the components of the products we use daily , especially if they are for the use of pregnant and / or children . The use of ” Bottles ” from ” Glass

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” and free of toxic teats are recommended. As far as possible choose the “Breastfeeding ” . – Special care creams and cosmetics in general because through the skin easily fall directly in our body. – Special attention to the choice of ” Deodorants “ , as there are studies that relate to the “breast cancer” – Beware the consumption of packaged foods , canned and precooked . – Be careful in choosing the ” detergents “ used in cleaning our homes, choose the greenest possible. – Be careful in choosing toys and other entertainment products made with plastic. cero parabenosdesodalumbre In short : “We must demand greater control and research on the use of these components and , until the contrary is proved , you may want to look for products that indicate they are free of these toxic and thus support the companies that if they care by the consumer. ” We

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leave you link a program with the name ” TOXIC : SILENT THREAT “ was issued in the Spanish Public Television . It is very interesting and we illustrates and clarifies the problem . We hope you enjoy it. http://www.rtve.es/television/20120424/noche-tematica-toxicos-amenaza-silenciosa/518110.shtml Red BWT


Sports Life…Funny Life!

At this height leftover say the importance of bringing an Active and Healthy Life . It is clearly shown that while physical inactivity is a risk factor for the development of many diseases, most notably cardiovascular disease, carry a ” SPORTY LIFE ” produce many benefits , both physical and psychological . From here we claim one and FUNNY SPORTS LIFESTYLE at once. The sport does not have to be seen as a duty or sacrifice, but on the contrary , we must introduce into our life habits and routines that make us feel great, full of energy , strength and above all eager to live . It’s about doing healthy things and discover what we gustan.Debes sport goes with you from walking, swimming , walking, cycling , outdoor activities …. or try different and fun possibilities they offer in gyms , clubs and demás.La issue is to modify your lifestyle and relate a sporty and active life, with a fun , healthy , exciting life … because as soon as you start to move your ass and you join the action , your life is full of vitality and joy. As Dr. Kenneth H.Cooper , author of the book ” Aerobics ” says , sport is


And especially not from a negative attitude relating sport obligation , change the “chip” and start from the vision of action sport = sport = fun, energy sport = sport = vitality, optimism sport = sport = joy . well .. there endless positive relationships. Take the reins of your life and start doing all that leftover know that will help you feel good , do not let the excuses for when you really can to circumstances actually “force majeure ” , the case of an illness, a disability , … etc. . If you play sports you will find the wonderful feeling of freedom and autonomy that occurs , it is a great feeling , a moment of high communion between your body and your mind. In case you have not yet convinced you had to enumerate a list of up to 15 fully proven benefits , but surely there’s more:

  1. Decreases risk of cardiovascular disease mortality .
  2. Activate your brain
  3. Prevents the development of hypertension
  4. Improved blood lipid profile
  5. Improved glycemic
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    control and reduces risk of diabetes.

  6. Improves digestion and bowel movements.
  7. Reduces risk of certain cancers.
  8. Improved
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    weight control.

  9. You nurtured Force and Energy for the other activities of daily living .
  10. Helps reconcile and improve sleep quality
  11. It relieves tension and stress management .
  12. Helps control symptoms of anxiety and depression , increasing excitement and optimism .
  13. Help to keep fit muscular endurance and joints.
  14. Active sexual appetite and physical contact .
  15. In general makes you feel better and look good , which leads people to build self-esteem , confidence and self-assurance .

And you, what do you think ? What benefits have you discovered ? Red BWT