Spring is Here

We start a new month , days go slowly becoming longer, the sun rises in the middle of the mountains with a different color and splendor , cold and winds are leaving their last vestiges , to make way for a new era in which hope and the changes take shape . It’s amazing how most people experience in the body and mind the changes occurring in the environment. That is why today I want to use the metaphor of Nature to reflect on the Renewal and Transformation in our Life Project . Why? Start inner renewal , a change in life, out to do new things and leave the comfort zone , is to overturn , being aware of those aspects that are difficult , or paralysis that keeps us , still, motionless , letting the days go by and life seems a picture already seen.

Think that makes the earth movements , and visualize them as if you were a tree.

It is then time to give a new aerate your soil (Inner), rake it and see what you need , what you want to change , what you can improve , what you need to nurture. These questions are the starting point. Maybe it’s time to jump into something new and different, start your Interior Renovation …… if you feel

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you cannot do it alone, accompany you who are looking at the walk. Seize the new time, so the sooner you can have your new indoor garden and the sooner you can start to Develop your Potential. Alejandra Leon R. ( BWT Network ) Holistic – Therapist Psychologist – Expert in Personal and Emotional Development You can visit my blog , find more reflections on the texts and some insurance help you to keep growing. http://alejandraleon.wordpress.com/ Facebook