I don’t need Help at Home…Thanks!

I feel a little tired of hearing the same story … if the house is both, that man every time “Help” more at home, if you learn to “Delegate” …. STOP !! Oh my God! Expressions Sentencing and we continue condemning Lifetime … Today one woman and one man mutually agreed Create a Home, Create a Family, is a decision of the two, both are responsible and managers that home work in all senses . And you have to be aware that from the moment when children come home at that , it will become more and Exciting Hard Work Centers , for both. A Job Center Job will require Physical , Intellectual, Health

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, Logistics , Finance, Education , Cleaning , … etc, and especially a job with an added difficulty in that we are managing EMOTIONS .

Sometimes, when you talk with women and men you can hear those expressions such as the following : ” My husband or partner help me at home,” “I am a man who helped at home “, ” Lucky you because your husband helps you in the House ” …

More or less we should be very Thankful when a husband or partner is involved in the home … Moreover, some men feel that you should give thanks for doing those tasks … for the same Society Subliminal way it he is saying … so a woman should be saying daily : honey thanks for throwing garbage , or thanks for making dinner, or thanks for taking the kids to school ….. This leaves us in an absurd position and the most undervalued . No wonder many women today , have the esteem in tatters … Now, in Everyday Life can give many possibilities and situations , here we will try to expose 2 of the most common in our Modern World (and obviously the more advanced countries because some are still in the Stone Age ) : 1 – Couple Working: In this situation obviously both should be planned to cater to their

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work outside the home. On the other hand both must also be planned for when they return home the “Urgent” things may have been filled. In many cases one must resort to outside assistance ( hire someone to help us , is when the family Delegates to a third party) . In the case of having to pay this extra help , if we sample a European country you can expect to pay up to 10 euros when , and we’re shooting under . But at the moment when both return home , both of them sharing any outstanding tasks , since the job of the House or Home is unlimited, comprising almost 24 hours a day , especially if you have children . 2 – The Woman does not work outside the home (focus on housework and other activities ) but Man does . This option seems normal for the person left at home may be more aware of housework (cleaning, shopping, family several steps , … etc) somehow makes their job inside covers your home and family as she performs its work outside it . In this situation both work , one indoors and the other outside the home … and when you return home, should continue and be involved in the daily rhythm of the chores of a home . Somehow Form Women ” Housewife ” takes Unpaid

Work ; but very directly implies a species that provides compensation in the family , because if you should hire an outside person to cover these tasks yourself … to calculate the time about 10 euros . 72889_239433276202851_1636907335_n But all can agree that the situation is ….. once I get home I’ll

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take a Helping Hand or what is your responsibility 24 hours a day by not having a job outside the home . .. do not know what I mean .

When Man Works at Home, just help and support to Himself , his Home and his Family .

And we must eliminate the absurd and really humiliating that Man should be a good companion and Help Your Woman in home chores feel. Everything should flow naturally , not because we ask for help or delegate … we must cooperate and work in a team … and above all be comfortable in our own home , support us and enjoy our Home and Family . Evolve and not keep repeating patterns that are useless for a New Reality where men and women we love , try to understand , respect , tolerate and share . Red BWT

Celebrates the Arrival of April

With the arrival of spring, the seed that dies down in the dark earth , and reborn as outbreak. Our environment begins to be covered with flowers, animals begin to get food from the green fields , trees change color and all starts to make a new life.

And you, are you ready for change ?

Just as nature changes, we also feel the need to shake off the winter state , inertia , stillness . It’s time to get up, get out and do .

What would you like to do in the spring to improve your life?

Just as the surface of the earth , our spirit and our body invites us to do new things, to cultivate our inner gardens and plant qualities , ideas, projects we want to start or improve moves.

Time for action. Where do you want to start?

Here are

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some ideas to get started:


Alejandra León (BWT Network)

Holistic – Therapist Psychologist – Expert in Personal and Emotional Development

You can visit my blog , find more reflections on the texts and some insurance help you to keep growing. http://alejandraleon.wordpress.com/ Facebook

For a day, For a moment…Get Lost!!

Typically we take much of our lives trying to please , to be accepted , caring for others , working for others … STOP … a lifetime … and … know who I am , where I’m going , what I would do, what I really think … Comes time to tell us …. Get lost ! MUJER Y LUZ Lose yourself and feel your essence as a unique and special individual. One stop to REFLECT on ourselves, an AWARENESS about our LIFE and ourselves . The need to be ALONE , it is important to evolve . Out of our usual environment, for our routine , our ” Comfort Zone “ Explorers and feel around us and ourselves .

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Ultimately, LISTEN , FEEL , WHO WE ACCEPT … IT IS BASIC TO OUR GROWTH . << Would be great if all of us occasionally we lost , it would be a highly recommended method to find us and rediscover , full and full , ready to Giving and Sharing charged batteries to meet the “Lessons of Life “ >> How to do it ? for sure it will have many occasions and situations to decide to do something individually and independently : – A Journey – A Spiritual Retreat – A tour or a walk ( Big City , Country , Beach, Mountains, … etc) – Accept a transfer or job change. – Getting lost in a book. – New Professional Challenge – Visit your origins , the place or places where you grew up and spent your childhood … etc. . Any activity or situation that take you to get everything in you and allow you MEDITATE mujer-meditando LONELINESS chosen is very comforting and Enriching. Imposed And if you can help us excel and Grow. So the list of things to do “before dying” take note for lost and FIND, a

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Fun and Exciting way! Red BWT


A Healthy Body in a Toxic World?

It drew attention to a story that appeared in the press and saying ” Paris asks strengthen controls of Bisphenol A“. Apparently Galas authorities want to ban these substances for Purchasing Tickets as well as tickets or bank statements … amazing! But … what are we talking about? , Seemingly impossible words flood our daily lives and threatening our health and the health of those we love the most , our children. BPA Bisphenol A word we automatically suggest other as Parabens , Phthalates , … etc . Studies show that a number of toxic used in manufacturing

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a lot of products we are silently killing and yet nobody does anything because it would go against the great empires and industries. Among the first suspects are phthalates used to make plastics more flexible or packaging of perfumes. They are found in cosmetics, furniture , PVC toys , t … All the recent research suggests that these toxic substances are related to some health problems become more common as Cancer, Allergies , Hyperactivity or Male Infertility . They are known as ” Endocrine DISRUPTORS “ and are able to alter the hormonal system and cause various health damage . PARABENOSNO copia These substances can be especially dangerous during PREGNANCY . So special care if you are in a state of good

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hope or mother has been recently . Tons of chemicals are released to the environment without knowing that long-term toxic to living things . Up to 247 toxic substances have been found in newborns . Today we are bequeathing our toxic burden our children with our DNA. huellatierra They are so present that it is almost impossible to escape contamination. There Bis A in bike bottle in baby bottles and resins lining food cans . PBDs are beyond the computer and electrical appliances . The breathe every day alongside PHTHALATES emanating vinyl , lightweight plastics used in the manufacture of toys, … etc. . PFOA in the anti-stain treatments and anti- adhesive pots are associated with effects on the Thyroid and Cancer In this situation we can only be alert , inform and form the best of our ability and especially: – Read labels carefully to the components of the products we use daily , especially if they are for the use of pregnant and / or children . The use of ” Bottles ” from ” Glass

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” and free of toxic teats are recommended. As far as possible choose the “Breastfeeding ” . – Special care creams and cosmetics in general because through the skin easily fall directly in our body. – Special attention to the choice of ” Deodorants “ , as there are studies that relate to the “breast cancer” – Beware the consumption of packaged foods , canned and precooked . – Be careful in choosing the ” detergents “ used in cleaning our homes, choose the greenest possible. – Be careful in choosing toys and other entertainment products made with plastic. cero parabenosdesodalumbre In short : “We must demand greater control and research on the use of these components and , until the contrary is proved , you may want to look for products that indicate they are free of these toxic and thus support the companies that if they care by the consumer. ” We

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leave you link a program with the name ” TOXIC : SILENT THREAT “ was issued in the Spanish Public Television . It is very interesting and we illustrates and clarifies the problem . We hope you enjoy it. http://www.rtve.es/television/20120424/noche-tematica-toxicos-amenaza-silenciosa/518110.shtml Red BWT


What is your Life Expectancy?

Watching a documentary broadcast in television started to ramble … it’s just speaking of Cancer, Cancer blissful … And commented that no cases of the disease were known in antiquity , but it is clear

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, at the time of the Egyptian Empire “HOPE OF LIFE ” was only 40 years ( approx.) and that if you belonged to the elite pharaohs and palace. Apparently cancer is related to a process that has to do with aging, most carcinogenic processes develop in people with ages over 60 years. But I will not talk about the cancer … pretty occupied and worried and too many families . Just this information led me to reflect on what the Human Being STUPID . Currently our LIFE EXPECTANCY round about 80 years ( in the developed world , privileged and wealthy , of course ) , with some differences between male and female , apparently women we live a little longer. The fact is that we have managed to give away ” LIFETIME “ with respect to our ancestors. We think that by the age of 40 gives us a WONDERFUL TREASURE , a bond with expectations 40 years , which says: “Well for 40 years … if you know take care of you and if circumstances permit … so enjoy it “ The greatest gift you can think

of , ” LIFE” (go best gift ! ) . A “Extra Life” with its joys , suffering , tears, smiles , loves, hates … experiences that ultimately will make us grow and evolve. Through the efforts of generations ,

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I can write this today in perfect awareness and health. And I have to say that 40 is wonderful , you walk into a very rich and interesting stage. THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN SATISFIED YEARS ! Gone are complex , insecurities, need to constantly please … Now more than ever I want to be “I ” (with my strengths and my faults ) , listen to and grow on a personal level , because I’ve come to understand that the only

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way , I can contribute to others and do something interesting in this world. I leave wikipedia link where you can see the current average life expectancy in the world. And so we can see how “good” is your ” BONUS EXTRA LIFE “ , depending on the place and time where you had the luck to be born . And awaken from our self-centeredness, because today

, XXI Century , there are areas in the world where life expectancy is around 40 years old as the Egyptian era. http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Esperanza_de_vida Take care and Live, please … ” Ideadora ” BWT


Sports Life…Funny Life!

At this height leftover say the importance of bringing an Active and Healthy Life . It is clearly shown that while physical inactivity is a risk factor for the development of many diseases, most notably cardiovascular disease, carry a ” SPORTY LIFE ” produce many benefits , both physical and psychological . From here we claim one and FUNNY SPORTS LIFESTYLE at once. The sport does not have to be seen as a duty or sacrifice, but on the contrary , we must introduce into our life habits and routines that make us feel great, full of energy , strength and above all eager to live . It’s about doing healthy things and discover what we gustan.Debes sport goes with you from walking, swimming , walking, cycling , outdoor activities …. or try different and fun possibilities they offer in gyms , clubs and demás.La issue is to modify your lifestyle and relate a sporty and active life, with a fun , healthy , exciting life … because as soon as you start to move your ass and you join the action , your life is full of vitality and joy. As Dr. Kenneth H.Cooper , author of the book ” Aerobics ” says , sport is


And especially not from a negative attitude relating sport obligation , change the “chip” and start from the vision of action sport = sport = fun, energy sport = sport = vitality, optimism sport = sport = joy . well .. there endless positive relationships. Take the reins of your life and start doing all that leftover know that will help you feel good , do not let the excuses for when you really can to circumstances actually “force majeure ” , the case of an illness, a disability , … etc. . If you play sports you will find the wonderful feeling of freedom and autonomy that occurs , it is a great feeling , a moment of high communion between your body and your mind. In case you have not yet convinced you had to enumerate a list of up to 15 fully proven benefits , but surely there’s more:

  1. Decreases risk of cardiovascular disease mortality .
  2. Activate your brain
  3. Prevents the development of hypertension
  4. Improved blood lipid profile
  5. Improved glycemic
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    control and reduces risk of diabetes.

  6. Improves digestion and bowel movements.
  7. Reduces risk of certain cancers.
  8. Improved
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    weight control.

  9. You nurtured Force and Energy for the other activities of daily living .
  10. Helps reconcile and improve sleep quality
  11. It relieves tension and stress management .
  12. Helps control symptoms of anxiety and depression , increasing excitement and optimism .
  13. Help to keep fit muscular endurance and joints.
  14. Active sexual appetite and physical contact .
  15. In general makes you feel better and look good , which leads people to build self-esteem , confidence and self-assurance .

And you, what do you think ? What benefits have you discovered ? Red BWT


Become Fairy Godmother

Although we never broke up girl within us, fortunately , maybe it’s time to identify with the characters ‘adult’ of our cartoons and / or stories that accompanied our childhood. Since we can not identify both the cute little Cinderella , but we could pretend to be “Fairy Godmother” . Is a Big Challenge, which is nice to do something good for someone who really needs our help. Without any doubt , do not feel more pleasure and fulfillment when we help someone else fulfill their dreams , believe it and do not do all those things that we should . We propose to leave one of the best and most beautiful tracks in this life , it would be a great legacy , enforcing a dream, a project, helps a person in need

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and we do not know . Who has not dreamed as a child that he appeared a ‘ Fairy Godmother “with his magic wand ? Appeared to be an unknown , mysterious and kind person to help him fulfill a dream , either to give us money to help buy something important or just to help your family Let yourself go , listen to you environment , now with this annoying crisis, there are many people who need a ” Fairy Godmother ” someone who selflessly and altruistically support him , not necessarily financially, and we demonstrate that this world deserves much worth and is full of wonderful surprises. We are already adults, and we have we grown older , we know that the Fairies, Angels, Fairies , … such as we had in the

stories do not exist … but we know that there are people who behave like them and that at any given time can be your angel , your fairy … a generous person who helps others . And that person could be you. I’m sure you’ll think of a thousand stories and people we support with just wave your magic wand ;) Red BWT


Custom Furniture

No doubt we should be constantly evolving and adapting to change , it’s a matter of survival , and even more in the business sector. The basis of every business and marketing in general ( Marketing Techniques ) is to adapt to customer needs , and this should not be just a number or number of potential customer, but must be a person of flesh and blood , called surnames and with very specific needs. This would apply to any business , but today we will focus specifically on adaptation and manufacture of ” custom ” furniture, that meet the real needs of the person concerned , in that it really fits the space , the functionality you are looking for the client, to size and design the ideal that goes with their tastes, and of course, your pocket. Normally today is that when you have to decorate your house, you visit the furniture stores you think are more suited to your tastes and financial possibilities , and you, the customer, adapting to what’s on the market, your decision-making capacity is limited and conditioned fully . Let backward, ” furniture maker and seller of ” I’m going to your house , listen to your needs , see “in situ” the space you have and negotiate the budget with which account. And we study the possibilities of recycling and reuse of certain furniture and / or spaces are there in the house in question . Develop furniture for People living spaces and no spaces furniture . Furniture and respects that space also respect the environment and especially the needs of the people who inhabit it. Furniture to inform us, to protect us , that we tucked in to help us , in short, comfortable , ergonomic , made with the finest materials and furnishings that do not harm the environment, which are reusable and intelligent. Reinvent the furniture sector and adaptemosnos people inhabiting space . Not the same furnishing or decorating a house where an adult man lives , an adult woman , where lives a family with young children, college kids or family , or persons living with pets, or people with physical disabilities, to families

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with certain lifestyles , … etc . If we think from this new perspective , we emerge many new ideas, new furniture really fit people . In business as in life you have to innovate and to do this you must only develop your creativity and imagination. And above all leave the exterminator and mediocre that ” everything is invented ” topic. What do you think ? Feel like to undertake ? Red BWT


Spring is Here

We start a new month , days go slowly becoming longer, the sun rises in the middle of the mountains with a different color and splendor , cold and winds are leaving their last vestiges , to make way for a new era in which hope and the changes take shape . It’s amazing how most people experience in the body and mind the changes occurring in the environment. That is why today I want to use the metaphor of Nature to reflect on the Renewal and Transformation in our Life Project . Why? Start inner renewal , a change in life, out to do new things and leave the comfort zone , is to overturn , being aware of those aspects that are difficult , or paralysis that keeps us , still, motionless , letting the days go by and life seems a picture already seen.

Think that makes the earth movements , and visualize them as if you were a tree.

It is then time to give a new aerate your soil (Inner), rake it and see what you need , what you want to change , what you can improve , what you need to nurture. These questions are the starting point. Maybe it’s time to jump into something new and different, start your Interior Renovation …… if you feel

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you cannot do it alone, accompany you who are looking at the walk. Seize the new time, so the sooner you can have your new indoor garden and the sooner you can start to Develop your Potential. Alejandra Leon R. ( BWT Network ) Holistic – Therapist Psychologist – Expert in Personal and Emotional Development You can visit my blog , find more reflections on the texts and some insurance help you to keep growing. http://alejandraleon.wordpress.com/ Facebook