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Barter is the exchange of objects and / or services for other items or services and are unlike the usual sale which no intermediate “Cash ” in the transaction.

Having seen and given the situation Social , Economic , Financial and Policy in general we consider this possibility. A SMART Consumer POSSIBILITY .

The good thing about such a crisis is in the reflection in the change … it is a process that should lead us to EVOLVE … And at least ” Awakened Consciousness “ is translating into greater Awareness the need for a Responsible , Sane and Sustainable Consumption .

It is what is known as COLLABORATIVE CONSUMPTION , where they play a large role social networks and Internet in general.


We are aware that we are at least ” drugged ” or ” tainted ” by the system , but that basically timeless saying ” Happy is not the most … but the one that has less need “ are we impose . And this quintessential consumer society and gave us or give us Happiness is more … It will kill our planet.

In this scenario there are new ideas and models that we carry Share , Reuse, Leverage and collaborate towards a real ” quality of life” always in the hands of a respect for the environment … as this will reflect a respect for others and the person … because we are … we ENVIRONMENT … PLANET EARTH we are .

They need to change the “Chip” because we come from a system in which the leading education Competitiveness, Rivalry, Individualism , Self Dwelling , Comparison , etc …

But evolution tells us that the road should be the opposite to survive and create a sustainable and Sustainable Planet. By its own weight is catching the need to Cooperate , Collaborate , Working Together , Working Computer, Recycle … etc.


Today we can access countless websites where bartering is done almost everything :

From your holiday home , you offer your home and you can find a vacation home anywhere in the world to share your car, trade items and furnishings , personal services of all kinds, training, etc …
It has created a great COLLABORATIVE NETWORK , where you can get everything for the modest price of TRANSACTION something that you own and another person needs .

Ultimately infinite possibilities that bring people together and encourage a more responsible and sensible drinking . Because money is not everything … or at least not let it be.


We all have much to give and MUCH NEED OF OTHERS , and studying what you can interchange and be amazed of people who want ” Truequear ” you.

On the Internet we can find a multitude of experiences. Here we link you with just a small sample of sites dedicated to Barter .



6 thoughts on “Back to Bartering

  1. Aprovecho el post para citar el proyecto que tambien se basa en el intercambio pero se dirige, específicamente, a los (pre) emprendedores, emprendedores y startups. Estos pueden registrarse gratuitamente en la página web y publicar (o conocer) las propuestas de intercambio de servicios, productos y/o conocimientos.

    Considerando que todos los (pre) emprendedores, que arrancan un proyecto o las startups que están inmersas en su propio crecimiento deben hacer frente (esto es, invertir gran parte de su presupuesto) a hacer frente a múltiples obstaculos como, por ejemplo, los impuestos, los gastos de la Seguridad Social o las carencias que se puedan tener en áreas específicas (conocimientos financieros, marketing, vendas, etc.), con se busca facilitar la superación de los primeros años de existencia potenciando el intercambio de servicios, productos y/o conocimientos y, a su vez, establecer el punto de partida para futuras colaboraciones en proyectos conjuntos que, por separado, no serían abordables.

    • Que brillante idea!! Nos parece muy interesante lo que hacéis. Agradecemos el comentario. Y si os parece difundiremos vuestra labor entre nuestros emprendedores.
      Estaremos atentos a vuestro trabajo.

  2. Love Funfetti! Our family’s next celebration is huge! Our daughter will be celebrating her 3rd birthday and two days before we will be welcoming her little sister into the world! Talk about a lot of celebrating in a few days!

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