YOGA: “The Art of LIFE”


Yoga is MORE,

This ancient discipline that comes from East, places us as the “Student Life” learning every day about not easy Art of ”Good Living”.

In the Western culture, the Human has always identified with his body and mind, forgetting his  Inner Self and Spiritual part.

Capitalism and Western Rationalism are the social expression that expresses this identification with the Body-Mind, ultimately bringing Material, Matter.

Matter is what prevails over all things and everything is focused on satisfying the material over the spiritual.

Take care of your body and mind; but from the material: buying the best clothes, the best food, traveling, …. ultimately consuming to try to fulfill our DESIRES, our side more material, changing and ephemeral … which leads us to constant dissatisfaction.

The YOGA comes to focus in this volatile and Western illogical world. The YOGA claim our spiritual side, our true essence, putting it in the central axis of the Individual, and using the body and mind to reach the highest state and the true self. The release of the Material and the joy of life, in capital letters.



In the West there is still much ignorance about the science of yoga. In fact most people who are interested in yoga do so from a point of view quite material, looking for the care of your body and calm your “crazy mind.” Ultimately seeking some peace in their lives, while reducing belly, care for your back, greater flexibility, make a “sweet” sport, being younger, … etc.

But it can at Material …. and certainly remains that “something else” …

Unknowingly comes to Connect with your inner self … something suddenly happens inside your life begins to change subtly in one direction sometimes unexpected. And you begin to enjoy the pleasure of “art of living”. Seeking the wisdom and happiness in everything around him, watching his interior and exterior with the look of a child, discovering the wonder of this world both good and bad, taking every moment to grow.

From that moment you say to yourself “I AM A STUDENT LIFE “and your goal … learn the” art of living “.

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Encarni Rondán

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